Digital marketing · June 12, 2019

Best DIY hosting tips for making your site user-friendly

Websites evolve more than text and information pages. Users expect your website to entertain them and deliver quality every time they visit. Above that, if you offer intuitive and comfortable user-friendly experience, then everything is going to be fine.

Everything from the aesthetic of your site to the CTAs placement can impact how long visitors stay on your page. Fortunately, website designing and development can let you add attractive and playful features for user interaction.

But, in this blog, I’ll show you a few ideas, “Do-it-yourself” hosting tips to make your website, a more user-friendly site.

cPanel is an industry standard to the hosting platforms; thus, we have collected a few cPanel tips and tricks which on learning makes your site user-friendly. Being a hosting support professional, I basically fix all hosting-related issues that act obstacle in your web hosting.

With that in mind, let’s better get started and get down to the business!

Use Installatron

All web hosting service accounts need a web-based control panel to manage hosting. One of the widely used hosting panels is cPanel. Installatron allows you to select the apps which you want to install and maintain them on your hosting.

You will find a plethora of applications to build your web presence and meet particular needs. Installatron also allows to import applications’ hosted elsewhere, perform backups on demand and clone currently installed applications.

Addon domains

In cPanel’s top menu bar, you notice the section Addon Domains. Here you can add additional domains to host multiple sites, but for that, you must need shared hosting and dedicated servers.

Note that with GoDaddy, Addon Domains are always available only for Deluxe, Business, and Ultimate Hosting plans.

AWStats: The Best DIY Hosting

AWStats is an open-source web analytics reporting tool which gives you a lot of valuable information, such as the number of hits at your site to the location from where the traffic is coming from, in addition to the location where traffic isn’t legitimate.

This also aids you in security by finding the Robots/Spiders visitors that might attack your website in an attempt to inject malware, viruses, ransomware, etc. on your site.

“Hence, I believe AWStats guarantees your website’s security, and every user wishes to seek information, services, products, etc. from a secured website.”

CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage

This topic holds a special place in my web hosting tips and tricks because it’s the best way to get ideas of how resources are utilized on the server?

If your memory, I/O or CPU maxed out, then you can find statistical data about its happening; thus, speeding down your website performance. You get the best and most accurate results if you keep checking your usage periodically.

File manager

File Manager lets you upload and manage your files directly via cPanel. If you want to upload more files, then place them in a .zip file because the file manager will upload one at a time. Once all files are uploaded, unzip them with the file manager and all your files are available now on your server.

Keep in mind to upload and import a MySQL database if you’re using WordPress or Joomla!. If the cPanel File Manager meets your needs, then I suggest using an FTP client such as FileZilla to upload your site to the root directory of the hosting.

Select The Best PHP Version

PHP version module allows you to select any PHP version you wish to use manually. This is like troubleshooting because PHP version dramatically affects the way your site renders and resolves.

When you’re inside this PHP module, you can investigate and select several features to have a significant impact on the way your website loads.

“It is believed that the website loading in less than 3 seconds is treated as more user-friendly by the search engines.”

Site Backups

Site backups is an inexpensive add-on which automatically backs up your site every day. A 30-day rolling backup ensures you an excellent copy of your website. In case you to perform a website backup, then use Backup Wizard and Server Rewind tools. They might be present in your hosting account control panel.

Resource upgrades

Have you ever outgrown your hosting? Do you run deep into the resource issues? You might not have an updated plan. However, It is a matter of merely upgrading your resources in your hosting panel on the shared server settings. Better resources generate better requests.

SSL: Secure Sockets Layer

An SSL certificate encrypts any incoming and outgoing communication between your site, visitors visiting it and customers buying anything from your website. It’s very important to have HTTPS networking protocol connection; otherwise, Google can blacklist your site. Thus, include SSL on every web page of your site. In addition to it, this is the cheapest source of SEO boost, which can also help you in ranking your website. cPanel is the best robust hosting control panel which let you use various hosting tips as discussed above. With too many features covered in this post as hosting options, I would encourage users to dig into addressing all web hosting related issues to make your site user-friendly.