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5 Best Classic Anime Series of All Time

Fruits Basket

Tohru, a teenager, is given a second chance by the Sohma Family after the death of her mother. Tohru quickly discovers that the Sohma curse is a condition that causes family members to become animals according to the Chinese Zodiac.

It’s a pretty silly premise but it belies the heart and soul of Fruits Basket. Tohru is a kind and compassionate person who wants to help the Sohma family. This slice-of-life anime will make you reach for tissues when it ends. We recommend the 2019 remake to the original, as it is more authoritative.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Perhaps the best anime of all time. Fullmetal Alchemist is a revered anime because of its perfect blend of fantasy, action, world-building, and drama. Edward’s younger brother Alphonse is killed in a ritual to bring their mother back. His soul is locked inside an armor suit. 

They are drawn into a mystic battle waged across nations as they try to find the Philosopher’s Stone. This conspiracy leads them to the heart of their country’s government. It’s an amazing series you can easily watch it on Animixplay Apk for free.

FMA: Brotherhood’s greatest strength is its flawless pacing. It begins very low-key, including the Nina episode. But it soon escalates into epic battles when Edward is confronted by the seven Homunculus as well as the mysterious Father. The final act is so entertaining and bombastic that it can only be adapted into anime.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter – where the ‘X is silent’ – has been a favorite anime series for more than a decade. He discovers that his previously thought-dead father is actually alive as a ‘Hunter,’ a member of humanity’s upper echelons.

It starts off as a light anime story but soon becomes a shonen tale. Gon discovers his feet as a Hunter and a dark and intense story. This anime is also rare in that it doesn’t play to the type of a strong protagonist. Instead, Gon’s appeal is more mature than we are used to. He fails, reflects, and overcomes personal struggles. It’s the reason why this show is worth watching more than most of its competitors.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has become a huge success. The anime spans a decade and is still available on Netflix with Stone Ocean. Each series tells the story of a different member of the Joestar Family, who are enchanted with supernatural powers and protect them against the series villain Dio, along with his many, many followers.

JoJo’s constant ability to reinvent itself is what makes it so appealing. Every season, from the first series to Stardust Crusaders and beyond, feels like a new episode of anime that is waiting to be enjoyed. Syncler Apk offers this anime for free and in high quality.

It is loud and garish and harkens back to a time when anime was less subdued. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a celebration and celebration of the bizarre and wonderful with some absurd fights added for good measure.


Haikyu follows Hinata’s journey as a tiny volleyball player at Karasuno High with lofty goals to become the best in the world. Haikyu’s magic is that you don’t have to be a volleyball fan or even a sports enthusiast to enjoy it. Each season builds your knowledge of the game with Hinata and culminates in thrilling matches that rival any shonen anime for raw emotion.

Haikyu’s story continues to unfold. You’ll find yourself laughing, cheering, and gasping as Karasuno’s diverse squad, including Kageyama, a perfectionist setter, and Sugawara, amidst the highs and lows that high school volleyball can offer. For those who are just starting out in sports anime, this is the ideal place to start.

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Above are the 5 best classic animes of all time. All anime series are easily available on any app. All 5 anime have amazing content, storyline, and animation. These animes are worthy to watch.