Best Career Options after BSC Interior Design

Best Career Options after BSC Interior Design

Interior design is a part of fashion designing and it is a course that teaches students everything about decorating spaces. It is like making homes out of buildings. But there is more to interior design than an interior design course. A BSc interior design is just the beginning. There is so much more to do once you obtain your certificate.

Here are a few career options that you can pursue after your BSc in interior design.

Retail designing

Looking at how to design shops and the lighting, and space management of retail stores is one very popular option. Shop windows and exhibitions are very interesting and need a lot of creativity to get perfect.

Set designing

Set designing is a part of the theatre. Looking after sets of homes, gardens and what not is a very important job. It takes skill and even pays a lot. It is a very creative field that also needs a lot of moving around. Huge elaborate sets are used for movies too.


Working in an architects office is one of the most important and common career options. You get to work with an architect on projects by builders and design homes, pathways and corridors. It is the ideal and most well-paying career option.

Space Planning consultancy

Space planning can be done without working at the architect’s office. You can work as a consultant and offer your services to builders as well as common people who are looking to renovate or build their own homes. This is also more of entrepreneurship.

Specialised designing

Be it malls or museums or even theme parks, specialised designers are needed in every field. Small shops also look for special designers. You can specialise in retail or a designated era. It is a fun entrepreneurial take on a niche field. They are very niche and only people who want a particular aesthetic come to them, but it also helps to build a brand and people know exactly what they will get when they choose the services of such a professional.

Eco-friendly planning

Another very interesting career choice that also lies in a specialised niche is eco-friendly, green decorating. Many things especially in the interior decorating space are very toxic and non-green. The job of an eco-friendly decorator is to look at the space, evaluate the options and design the space alongside its natural topography is a way that doesn’t hurt the natural environment.

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