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The better beauty supply offering a curated collection of natural hair care, beauty, skincare. Shop us online at for Beauty equipment products shop near me. Beauty monster black product, Beauty equipment shop canada, Beauty equipment suppliers, Beauty cosmetics product in USA. When buying your beauty, body, skin and hair products you should first check the labels to make sure there are no controversial ingredients in the products. There has been a noted increase in cancer over the past few decades and in the USA alone one out of three people are being diagnosed with cancer. There is virtually no guidance for consumers from manufacturers who’s labeling and advertising is all too often misleading. When it comes to public health protection, organizations have failed to reassure consumers that they are being provided with informative disclosures of carcinogens or teratogenic chemicals in their skin, hair or body products.

It is important that consumers read the labels properly on moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers, bath oils etc, as you will most likely find that almost all these beauty products contain carcinogenic substances. Parabens are chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic industry such as Ilsoparaben, Methylparaben, Beauty cosmetics, Zena cosmetic, Beauty equipment shop, Beauty equipment products, Beauty equipment store, Cosmetic store near me, Beauty shop equipment for sale, Beauty equipment online shop, Brightening & Moisturizing mask pack, Beauty Monster Black buy online, Beauty product shop in USA, Beauty products shop near me, Beauty monster black product, Beauty equipment shop canada. Butylparaben and Propylparaben. Studies have shown that the continued use of Paraben as preservatives are possibly linked to estrogenic and carcinogenicity. Several lab tests have shown that methyl, butyl, propyl and ethyl Paraben displayed estrogenic activity. It has been medically proven that estrogen can provoke breast cancer and that the concentration absorbed through the pores of the skin is ten times higher than an oral dose. All studies to date have failed to prove that the repeated usage of Paraben is safe. Beauty equipment suppliers, Beauty cosmetics product in USA, Buy beauty products shop near me, Beauty equipment products USA/Canada, Beauty equipment suppliers canada, Beauty equipment shop usa, Beauty, Monster Black buy usa, Cosmetic shop near me, ZENA HYALNANO set near me, Beauty equipment store canada, Zena cosmetic products. For example Propylene Glycol used in cosmetics is actually an industrial anti-freeze and tests have shown this chemical to cause systemic kidney and liver damage when regularly used on the skin. Another harmful chemical is petroleum which is also used in cosmetic products as a metal cutting fluid. Petroleum forms an oily film on the dermis and suffocates the skin. The skin in order to be healthy needs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide and the process should not be tampered with. The biology of the skin can become flooded if it hold an excess amount of moisture and can result in sensitive, immature and unhealthy skin that quickly becomes very dry

.The most harmful ingredient in beauty and personal care products is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and is known to irritate the skin. This ingredient is used mainly in beauty soaps and shampoos and cleansers. From just one shampooing these nitrates may enter the blood stream, as dioxins and carcinogenic nitrates are known to react with commonly used ingredients found in many beauty and other household products. So when next out shipping for beauty and cosmetic products make sure you read the label to make sure the product does not contain any harmful ingredients such as chemical preservatives.Beauty cosmetics product, Zena Contouring mix, Beauty equipment online store, SKIN CARE SET product canada, ZENA Caviar Gold Hyaluronic acid, Monster Black MEDISELOR, ZENA Q10 Elastin Hyaluronic, EYE & LIPS REMOVER, Brightening Fluids Skin Care Set, ZENA Scars and stretch marks solution, Beauty supply equipment near me, Beauty equipment store near me, Zena Botox Alternative, Matrigen Multi Oxygen Cream

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