Pets and Animals · January 8, 2021


Each man on this planet carries the evolution of memory and karma of the previous civilisations and our ancestors. Humans have earned their place as the most developed species on the planet after years of development and learning and adapting to nature.

The early man is known to have invented fire and communication through symbols and carvings. After many years, we have come very far from being cave people to enjoying the luxuries of the material world that have also been invented through human intelligence.

As societies evolve, the population grows, and each community has issues to face. Women empowerment, caring for the children and caring for the animals are some examples of steps that our society is taking in order to further evolve into better and more conscious and empathetic human beings.

Numerous animal shelters and animal activists rescue street dogs, cats and even help the abandoned pets find a home and be fed and cared for. Similarly, we have various people working for the voice of women, especially in underdeveloped cities and help them fight through their daily battles. The government is also taking steps towards making strict rules against child abuse, child marriage and child labour.


Indian society is culturally and traditionally rich and also spiritually inclined. Our ancestors were great scientists and artists. After hundreds of years, it seems as though we have forgotten to live by our morals and have become very materialistic or power-driven. This has resulted in a disbalance in the society where there is prejudice based on gender, caste, colour, etc. Some social issues that need attention are:

  1. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: In the past, women and men were known and considered to be equals who were different from each other but supportive of the other. In the past few years, women have been termed as the weaker gender.

The result is a male-driven society in which there is extreme exploitation towards women in the personal or professional world. Women are paid less than men, and they are expected to give up their dreams and bear children and be the sole caretaker of their families.

Rape and dowry are other issues that have come into light due to this gender-based distinction in our society. Various crimes have been reported, and human rights are also being exploited in their name almost every single day.

  1. ANIMAL ABUSE: Most people, when they see a dog or a pup along the side of a road, would feel happy, play with them or even feed them. In recent years, people seem to have lost their humanity towards the animals too.

Various people are seen kicking or bullying animals on the streets, and some even abandon their pets when they get old. Surely humans need to evolve more in terms of sensitivity and empathy towards other beings in nature. We may be the most evolved, but our planet is home to other beings as well.

  1. CHILD ABUSE: Another distinction based on physical strength results in people exploiting children physically or emotionally. Various cases are being reported where children are physically tortured, sometimes even by family members.

Many parents beat their children if they made a mistake, and in some households, children are also victims of sexual exploitation by extended or even close family members.

Exploiting children goes further into emotional manipulation as well. Many parents have a tendency of being discouraging towards their child’s decisions or dreams, exploiting their sensitivity or just using guilt as a device to make them powerless.


Social issues can not be fought alone; the whole society needs to evolve to bring about a change. Nevertheless, you can start today by acting responsible and doing your part in the change.

  1. Be sensitive towards the emotions of each person, man or woman, child or adult. All are humans and are going through the same struggles.
  1. Read and know more about women’s empowerment and feminism. Even if you belong to a culture or society that is not inclusive of women, try to do small things to help.
  1. Donate to animal shelters that rescue street dogs or other animals.
  1. Volunteer in animal shelters to take care of animals in your free time. It not only brightens up the mood but is also one of the kindest acts.
  1. Spend your free time teaching kids who cannot afford education. One of the greatest gifts is the gift of knowledge.