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Bali Pass Trek – Trek The Himalayas

Bali pass trek :- Bali pass trek between Yamunotri and Har ki Dun Valley at an elevation of 16420 feet It is one of the difficult treks that begins in Sankri village in Uttarakhand and ends in Janki Chatti. It offers numerous scenic views of the Kalanga, Bandar Poonch, and Swargarohini peaks along the way. The beautiful alpine meadows of Dev Thach can be seen while trek through Ruinsara forest.

If you are a hardcore trekker who enjoys adventure and wants to try something new the Bali Pass trek. should be on your list The best time for the trek is after the monsoon season and which runs from May to June and September to October To complete the trek successfully, one must have exceptional physical and mental stamina. One of the unconsidered Himalayan trails, anyone looking for an adventure and offbeat trek should try this trek. Continue reading for more information on the temperature, itinerary, and photos.

A summary of the Bali Pass trek

bali pass base camp, at an elevation of 16,240 feet is a high altitude trek that flatters you with the myriad facets of the Himalayas. This challenging trek connects Har Ki Dun valley to Yamunotri and exposes you to the raw splendour of a Himalayan pass crossing The trail is treacherous, with some steep ascents and descents and narrow paths. It takes you along the Tons Yamuna and Supin rivers as well as to the sacred Ruinsara Lake and the Yamunotri shrine.

This trek takes you through hilly terrains dense forests lush meadows colourful orchards sacred lakes and temples. as well as stunning views of the majestic trio of Kala Nag Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini peaks. In the late 1940s, Jack Gibson, a teacher at Doon School, popularised the route.

The challenging terrain of the trek requires a fit physique and good mental endurance previous trek experience is required and the trek is intended for experienced trekkers.

Highlights of the Bali Pass Trek

Discover Uttarakhand’s Jaunsari villages.

The osla and gangad villages have a rich , and osla is known for its Himachali architecture.

On the lakeside of Ruinsara Lake, you can have fun or relax.

You can also go to the Yamunotri temple to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings.

The temperature of Bali Pass is cool; during the summer the daytime temperature can reach 25/30°C, but at night, it drops to 0°C to 5°C. After the summer (post-monsoon), the temperature began to fall, and by winter, the temperature had dropped below zero degrees.

When is the best time to visit Bali Pass Trek?

Summer (May to June) and post-monsoon (September and October) are the best times to visit the Bali pass because you can see the beauty and scenic views of the trek.

Where can I find the Bali Pass?

The Bali Pass is in Uttarakhand, India. Bali pass trek is located at an elevation of 4650m and is a high-altitude pass where you can explore thebeautiful view of Kala nag, Bandar Poonch, and swararohini. It is one of the difficult treks, so trek are informed to take the technical gears like rope and crampons.