Average Junk Removal Cost in 2020

Average Junk Removal Cost in 2020

When getting rid of junk, there are plenty of options. The main ones include renting a dumpster and filling it up yourself, or paying for a junk removal service. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

The prices for a standard junk removal service will depend on your location, and how much you plan to throw. The best option would be to pick a company that’s closer to you, so that you can cut down on costs. In addition, there are several other factors that you’ll need to consider when choosing the right company.

The prices for a junk removal service or renting a dumpster will vary based on the amount of trash. The average pricing for a full-service junk removal falls between $100 and $800. Renting a dumpster can cost you about $300 to $500 every week.

A full junk removal service is in order when you neither have the time nor energy to haul away junk. Many companies charge their services based on the amount of junk. They directly charge you a fixed price for the specific amount that you have.

On the other hand, they may charge you hourly. Use the option that works best for you. It’s imperative to contact a junk removal service beforehand, and get estimates. Nonetheless, here’s a compilation of the average prices for junk removal:

City Trash Junk Removal Service

To get the accurate total fees, contact your county or city utility service. The one-time set up fee may vary from the average monthly and annual payments. Here’s a comparison:

·       Average annual basis – between $135 and $255.

·       Average monthly basis – between $15 and $45.

Average Trash and Junk Removal Pricing

Trash removal usually falls under your city or county’s utilities. However, this depends on your location/residence. Independent companies offering the service may be cheaper in terms of the costs they charge. The average cost should be between $120 and $300. The volume of your junk will also act as a determining factor.

Dumpster Rental

Some companies will give you a mini dumpster to store your junk items at your convenience. For huge projects such as remodeling, furniture removal, and construction, they’ll offer an even bigger dumpster.

The average cost it takes to rent a dumpster falls between $300 and $800. Renting a dumpster is convenient and ideal if you have a lot of trash, and nowhere to store them. Once you fill up the dumpster, the company will come and haul it away.

Landfill Dumping

If you decide to take your junk to the landfill on your own, you would probably spend around $50. On an average size load, hiring a professional to take the junk for you will cost anywhere between $70 and $150.

In case you have large junk items, expect to cater for a surcharge. Besides, you may need more than two workers to haul away such items. Here’s the average cost per item:

·       Railroad ties – $30 each.

·       Freezers and refrigerators – between $35 and $60.

·       Tires (more than 4) – $10 per tire if they have rims, and without would be $5.

·       Pianos – between $50 and $100.

·       AC units – between $35 and $60.

Junk Removal Service by Item

You can get an estimate by sending a photo of the junk item you want collected. Remember that this is simply an estimate. The junk removal service will give you the actual price once they get on site. These common house items will cost the following:

·       Latex paint – $10 per gallon, as it can’t be recycled.

·       Computer/printer – between $70 and $90.

·       Hot tub – between $100 and $150.

·       Lawn mower – between $70 and $90.

Furniture Removal

Getting rid of old and unwanted furniture can be challenging. The worst part about removing furniture from your space is the bulkiness. Typical seats and beds are heavy – too heavy to lift on your own.

That’s why you’ll need help from a junk removal service to haul all of them away. Besides, most cities don’t offer free pickup for pieces of furniture. Here’s the pricing range for pieces of furniture:

·       Three-piece sectional couch or sofa – between $208 and $375.

·       Queen or king mattresses – between $70 and $105.

·       A large entertainment center – between $99 and $250.

·       Washer and dryer – between $70 and $205.

Free Junk Removal Options

Alternatively, you can decide to donate the items you no longer need to charity. This will save you the cost of hiring a junk removal service. For instance, clothes can be great items to donate to the needy. Instead of them creating clutter inside your premises, consider giving them to those who don’t have. The same goes to shoes, pots, dishes, and pans.

Going to bed knowing that one of your items touched a soul is a rewarding feeling. Besides, you can also decide to sell items that are still in mint condition. Why not earn from your junk if you can?

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, you probably have a rough idea of what junk removal service will cost. Now’s the time to head out and get the best junk removal service to haul away all that junk from your homestead. Or better still, donate to the needy and sell the ones you can. However, you may not be in a position to sell everything.

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