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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks & Bricks

 Quality AAC Blocks 

The PRIME AAC blocks are affordable, corrosion resistant, non-inflammable and fire resistant. With over three decades of expertise in this domain, you can trust us to provide a comprehensive range of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks at the most reasonable prices. The aac concrete blocks is weather-resistant and without any adulterants. Customers include both leading Independent House Constructors and Major Contractors. Whether it is about medical, educational or food industry building that you are looking for, one can be sure that the autoclaved aerated concrete block suppliers building blocks are unmatched when it comes to strength and durability. Designed to stand up to high-grade industrial applications as well as weather elements, the blocks can be counted upon to deliver what they promise.

 The company of autoclaved aerated concrete block manufacturers is known for making immense contributions for the development and construction of roads, buildings and bridges. The joint ventures of this company are quite well-known in the worldwide market. We are planning to set up our local unit in your place as well. Our company has a rich pool of self-assured concrete blocks that comes with huge water flow pores. Moreover, we have used the latest technical machinery in their production. This is the reason that makes us an ideal choice for all construction contractors. 

PRIME AAC provides the most reliable and fine range of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks suppliers in India at quite affordable cost. These are available in different colors and also can be painted as per the need of clients. Its excellent quality, durability, strength and finishing is remarked by each user of these quality products. PRIME AAC concrete blocks are made by Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) method. It is a mixture of cement, water, aggregate and chemicals.The mass is hardened under autoclaving pressure and temperature. 

 You know your aac concrete blocks and bricks. You search for aac blocks, light weight blocks and bricks, fly ash blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete cement blocks, concrete cement bricks suppliers in India who offer the tested high quality PRIME AAC Blocks & Bricks. So why not trust in PRIME AAC to offer you the best, aac blocks, light weight blocks and bricks, fly ash blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete cement blocks, concrete cement bricks in Hyderabad (Telangana), Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh (AP), Chennai in Tamil Nadu (TN), Bangalore & all cities of India at an affordable PRIME AAC Is one Of The Best autoclaved aerated concrete block suppliers in hyderabad  And Fly Ash Bricks Suppliers In India And Also One Of The Leading Concrete Cement Block Making Companies In India. PRIME AAC Provides AAC Blocks And Fly Ash Bricks At Affordable Prices. Our Company Impressed Its Clients By Providing AAC Blocks, Light Weight Blocks, Bricks, Fly Ash Blocks, Fly Ash Bricks, Concrete Cement Blocks, Concrete Cement Bricks And More. We Are One Of The Best Companies In Hyderabad And  India. 

PRIME AAC aims at designing, developing, manufacturing, supplying and marketing of light weight building materials viz. aac blocks, fly ash blocks, fly ash bricks and concrete cement bricks in india. Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks & bricks Suppliers are the best local source for building your home, loft conversions or extensions. AAC blocks create less heat and have a better thermal performance than traditional building materials. They are also cheaper to install, more energy efficient and more sustainable than clay or concrete bricks. With a range of laminated, fire- and slip-resistant interiors, PRIME AAC blocks are safe and reliable. 

 PRIME AAC provides excellent quality eco-friendly fireproof thermal insulation bricks that are composed of natural clay to add strength inside the building wall. Our Superior Insulated Blocks are manufactured by hot-pressing natural raw materials such as clay, stone dust and others to obtain the blocks of the required form and thickness. These aac concrete blocks are then dried due to which they become strong and strong enough to be used in residential structures. The manufacturing process ensures that their outer surface is finished finely. These autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are available with high insulation properties with special porosity. These insulated bricks can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills and hence comes as the most economical choice. 

 PRIME AAC Products is emerging as a leading supplier of autoclaved aerated concrete building materials and accessories in southern regions of India. These pre-fabricated building blocks are used for the construction of different varieties of buildings such as commercial, residential and institutional PRIME AAC Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few autoclaved aerated concrete block suppliers in india with a complete range of eco-friendly building materials. From ready-made blocks to a range of finishes, these products are high quality and durable. PRIME AAC is dedicated to providing customers with the best value and product for your construction project, ensuring that you get the most for your money. These Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Suppliers are the leading manufacturers of AAC Blocks, commonly known as aerocon concrete blocks in India. 

 AAC Blocks, which are stronger and more durable than normal concrete blocks, can be used for walling and flooring of a house. The autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are manufactured in accordance with the standard building by the company, in a fully automatic production line, so that every block is made with equal quality. These are cost-effective and have high strength as compared to conventional construction material. They provide flexibility while designing the structure. These blocks are ideal for constructing houses. They offer a natural air circulation system and natural light inside the constructed house. They are easy to work with and can be cut, drilled and painted easily. The interlocking mechanism of these blocks will ensure a sound structure in its entirety. PRIME AAC Pvt Ltd maintains good relations with their clients 

These autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are long lasting and are a very reliable building material which has been used for construction purposes for many years. Theseautoclaved aerated concrete blocks have been used for the various projects such as hospitals, educational institutions, colleges, corporate offices, showrooms, designer display centres, exhibition halls etc. because of their resistance to temperature variation, impact resistance and insulated structure. Moreover these blocks are available in various sizes and thicknesses per the requirement of clients.  

The product is made by combining cement, sand, water and a small admixture of lime. A single aac concrete block is produced by autoclaving eight individual cells into one solid block. This whole process is done under the most optimum conditions with the use of thermal steam. The natural shape of the blocks resembles that of a honeycomb which is very beneficial when used as walls or even as pillars in construction of houses. Our factory is an integrated one, here, we do not only produce AAC blocks but at the same time, we have a raw material inventory. Our products are made of natural raw materials and autoclaved aerated concrete. The material is molten in the temperature of 480 degree C and then poured into molds to get blocks by a continuous casting method.  You can rest assured that your new home utilizing aac concrete blocks will last. Our aac blocks are combined with cement, making them not subject to termite damage and therefore increasing their durability. This reduces the costs and strain on the environment associated with the regular replacement of wooden homes. 

PRIME AAC is highly resistant to structural degradation by bacterial contamination, termites and other pests can be a significant problem in many environments. The antimicrobial properties of the solid surface used on our AAC products provide additional protection against microorganisms that might normally cause deterioration of the product itself.  For the best finish, a concrete block wall should be finished with some type of wall covering. Armstrong Dealer Block or Stone Block mortar is recommended for this purpose. If plastered, it should be done before, during, and after installation. Exterior plaster can be applied directly to these walls without danger of blistering or peeling. These blocks can be finished internally with brick, stone, stucco, wood, and externally with sheet rock (directly attached), plaster (directly applied), tile, non-vinyl wallpaper, paint and similar standard materials following the architect’s recommendation.