Attach your car and let it pay for itself

Attach your car and let it pay for itself

Has your car been sitting idle in the garage without really being put to use?

Here is an opportunity for you to not just get it back on the road but also to earn more by attaching it to a big car rental company. By attaching your car to an established car company that deals in corporate car rental services, you stand a great chance to earn regular income without lifting a finger. 

Why attach your car to a car company?

Why should you attach your car to a company instead of running it on your own and getting the full profit share is a question that comes naturally at this point. 

Well, the answer is quite simple – you have a higher chance of earning profits through a car company than by trying to do so on your own. The simple logic behind this is that when you work with an already established company, the chance of getting frequent rides is much higher than otherwise. You must have noticed how local taxi and auto drivers do not get a lot of rides as far as corporate passengers are concerned, but the cars attached to car companies are seen on the road frequently.

Rent out your car

A popular way to rent out your car these days is by attaching it to an app-based car company that provides you a certain number of rides based on the location you are operating. However, a slightly better way to go about renting your car is by attaching it to a car company that provides fleet services to a client on a permanent and regular basis. With a number of corporates out there offering transportation services to their workforce, the need for rented cars for such companies has been on the rise. This is where you can cash in by renting your car for such a system and getting a permanent profit instead of relying on profits based on the number of rides you complete (which is the case when you go for an app-based company). 

Airport runs

Attaching your car for airport runs is another viable option. When you attach your car specifically for airport runs, you stand a chance of getting higher profits due to the additional benefits you get. The biggest challenge you face here comes in the form of being stuck in the traffic jams, leading to a lower ride-time than other routes. To compensate for this unavoidable discrepancy, the car company provides you with additional bonuses on each airport run. Therefore, you need not worry about getting lesser profits by renting out your car for airport runs and not for other routes. 

What are the things to keep in mind while attaching your car?

  • You must get your car a commercial number plate (if you do not already have it) before attaching it to an established company.
  • Your car needs to go through a comprehensive quality check before getting a deal.
  • You should abide by the company laws and install a GPS tracking system as well as an SOS alert system.
  • You should check if the car renting company provides a transparent and smooth billing system, be it a fixed pay structure or a pay-per-km system. 
  • You need to check if you can get flexible working hours or whether you will always have to comply with fixed working hours. 

All said and done, renting your car to travel companies can help you achieve your monetary goals. Do not let your car sit idle – let it work and earn for you!

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