Applying for a PGDM – Know the course details

Applying for a PGDM – Know the course details

Post Graduate Diploma in Management courses offer professional knowledge and technical training to the candidates. The course can help the candidates to launch successful corporate careers. The courses are offered in various fields. The courses are advanced courses and offer specialization in the field chosen. The courses are industry relevant.

The PGDM courses are offered by autonomous institutes and the syllabus is approved by the AICTE. The institutes continuously revise and update the syllabus as per the latest industry requirements. The candidates are taught what matters the most today. The courses are highly valued by the industry.

The PGDM courses are two-year full-time courses. The course imparts the right knowledge and the skills required by the candidates to face corporate challenges. The PGDM course details and the training is decided by the faculty and the industry experts.

PGDM courses

The courses are offered in various fields. They are as follows:

• PGDM in Finance
• PGDM in Marketing
• PGDM in Human Resource Management
• PGDM in Retail Management and Marketing
• PGDM in Business Analytics
• PGDM in Financial Markets
• PGDM in International Business
• PGDM in Operations and Supply Chain Management
• PGDM in Financial Technology
• PGDM in Marketing and Digital Media
• PGDM in Digital Marketing and Transformations

The candidates can apply for the courses they are interested in. As the courses offer vast knowledge on the specialization subject the candidates can become specialists in the field chosen.

Know the PGDM course details

The course details are as follows:

• The course begins with a Foundation course where the basic concepts of management studies are taught and the candidates coming from different streams can catch up easily.

• The candidates have to choose their specialization subject in the first year itself. The candidates get enough knowledge in the specialization subject and can become specialists in their chosen field.

• The course includes a 5-month industry internship where the candidates get to work on real world projects in top companies. Aided by the faculty the candidates work on business operations, strategy and research projects. They get to learn directly from the industry.

• The course includes a skills training program which trains the candidates in communication, language, etiquette and grooming which is a must while working with seniors and subordinates. This also prepares the candidates to face the corporate challenges.

• The candidates have to participate in a 1-month NGO project and have to work for a social cause. This teaches the candidates corporate social responsibility.

• Many companies visit the campus for final placements and the candidates get a wide range of job opportunities.

• The course teaches the candidates as per the industry requirements. The candidates are taught what the business professionals need today. This gives them a competitive edge in the final placement.

• The candidates are allowed to network with the alumni who are already working in top companies. The candidates can become a part of the vast network and this may help them progress their careers.

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