Answers to the 10 Most Common Questions about Ducted Air Conditioning

Answers to the 10 Most Common Questions about Ducted Air Conditioning

The utility bills you pay every month are an essential part of your financial planning. As the ducted AC takes up a substantial portion of your utility bills, you should know when to maintain the unit, repair it, or replace it forever? While it is easy to appoint a ducted air conditioning service Melbourne, here are a few questions and answers to help you make informed decisions.

Whether it is the first ducted system, you need to install or to know how the system works, asking the right questions can meet your needs appropriately.

  1. What is the significance of choosing the right size of AC?

The size of the ducted AC system is one of the vital questions to ask as a big-sized AC than what the premises may require, implies that the system cools quickly and turn off, which makes it less energy-efficient. On the other hand, a smaller AC needs to work continuously to cool your home or office, which increases the wear and tear. Therefore, you should ask the AC installation service to inspect the premises before purchasing the unit.

  1. Is the existing ductwork suitable for the AC installation?

The AC installation service provider needs to examine the existing ductwork of your home and check the leaks the installation. They might also need to clean the ducts during the installation. If the ductwork is very old and damaged, you might have to forego the existing ducts.

  1. Should you close vents in unused rooms?

Closing the vents in unused rooms creates a limitation on the functioning of the ducted system. It can increase the pressure in the system and cause leakage.

  1. What are the electrical requirements to install a ducted AC system?

The electrical in your home or office must have the capacity to handle the demand of the ducted system. For instance, you might have to upgrade the circuit breaker panel. Panels may be present in modern-day homes. Therefore, the best option is to discuss with the electrical contractor before upgrading the electrical panel.

  1. How often should I maintain the ducted AC?

Proper functioning of the air conditioning system depends on maintenance. Typically, you can arrange two maintenance schedules every year to ensure uninterrupted cooling of your home or office.

  1. How to plan the space your need for the installation of the ducted system?

The ducted AC system has a condenser unit outside that requires space. You should discuss with the air con service Melbourne before conducting the installation work.

  1. Can the installation company provide proof of licenser and insurance?

You should ask the AC installation service about the proof of license and insurance and also ask them to provide the estimate of the entire cost of installation. The more transparent the dealing, the higher is the reliability of the service.

  1. What guarantee does the company offer on installation?

The company you choose for installation of the air conditioning unit should provide a guarantee on the work they handle and find out whether they also offer a service contract.

  1. What is the schedule for installation?

Several companies haul away the old unit during installation, and it is often a part of the charges you pay. Therefore, you should have clear communication with the service provider about the money you need to pay. Make sure that the company you select finishes the cleaning of ducts, flooring, and the wall before the installation.

  1. How often to change the filters of the ducted AC system?

To make sure that the functioning of the ducted system is at the highest level, you should clean the filters once every six months.

Thing to remember

An efficiently functioning air conditioning system can provide the necessary comfort to your home or office and function for many years without any concern. Therefore, you should get your queries replied for the best outcome.

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