Business · February 10, 2020

All you need to know about Traffic cones

As the name might indicate traffic cones are inverted ice cream cone-shaped equipment that all of us might have seen along the roadways where any construction work is going on. Indeed the sole purpose of the equipment is to keep the passersby and the car drivers safe and avoid any accidents and injuries.

Where can they be seen?

The most common place where they can be seen is on the roads where any repairing or construction activity is going on or on the construction sites of any buildings, bridges which is in the close vicinity of a road or a residential or parking area. They can also be seen in the parking lots, on the roads near schools and hospitals.

They can also be used for indoor purposes. Traffic cones are used in factories industries and in the warehouses as well if any machine repairing or maintenance activity is taking place.

What are the different types of safety equipment that are used?

While most of us have seen the bright orange or red traffic cones along the roadways actually there is a lot of different traffic management safety equipment used. They come in different shapes and sizes and must be chosen carefully by the shape, size and colour because each one has its own meaning.

The different types of commonly used equipment are- traffic cones which can be normal or reflective, flag bunting rolls, T-top bollards and stems. The colours are used to identify the motorists the action they must take. Red or orange colours are often used as they can be seen from a far off range while sometimes yellow ones are also used.

Flag bunting rolls are used always when any underground work is going on and might not be seen from far.


The use of the equipment is to merge or separate the traffic lanes. Sometimes they are also used to divert the traffic lanes from the place where the construction activity is going on. They are also used in parking lots to make sure that the cars are parked properly so that it does not lead to any excessive space consumption and mark the pathways.

Important things while choosing

This traffic safety equipment is mostly used for alerting the motorists. So they are bought mostly by the construction companies or companies that are involved in the manufacturing of roads and bridges.

The most important thing when choosing is to identify the shape and the colour perfectly. If you are buying it for placing it on the roads make sure that the size is big enough so that it can be seen from a distance.

The other most important thing is to make sure that the colour or the reflective glare does not fade away as they are always in the open weather conditions of rain, sunlight, heat and humidity.