Health and Fitness · December 7, 2019

All about oncologists

An oncologist is a health expert who specializes in diagnosing as well as treating people with cancer. An expert oncologist will prepare a treatment plan which will be based on pathology reports of a patient that describes the type of cancer, how much it is developed, how much it has spread and what body parts are affected. However, there are a combination of therapies performed to treat cancer. You have to visit multiple types of oncologists during the course of your cancer treatment. 

Types of oncologists 

There are many types of oncologists discussed below:

  • Medical oncologists 

Medical oncologists treat many cancers by utilizing hormonal therapies, chemotherapy, biological therapies, as well as many other targeted treatments. Medical oncologists can also be recognised as a primary cancer doctor to consult as he/she help their patients to manage side effects and to monitor and maintain their well being. Many patients carry out the check-ups with their medical oncologists after their treatment is fully completed.

  • Radiation oncologists 

Radiation oncologists are the doctors who treat cancer by using high energy photon beams to target and destroy cancer cells. About half of all cancer patients have radiation treatments as part of cancer care. In many cancer cases, patients respond best to intense beams of radiation given to them and is also known as radiosurgery. 

  • Surgical oncologist 

Surgical oncologists are cancer doctors are the primary doctors to consult when you are diagnosed with cancer. They are the experts who use to perform biopsies, which is done to remove a small section of tissue so that it can be checked for cancer cells. The surgeon will help you to prepare for and also assist you with recovery from any type of surgical process done during cancer treatment.

  • Paediatric oncologists 

Pediatric oncologists are cancer doctors who diagnose and treat children with cancer. They specialize in specific types of cancer and many of them also focus on researching childhood cancers too. Almost all pediatric oncologists help people and educate those families whose children are undergoing cancer treatment. 

  • Gynecologic oncologists 

This type of oncologists are cancer doctors who treat cancers that affect women . some cancers are uterine, cervical, ovarian, vaginal as well as vulvar cancer. These are experts who treat complex gynaecological conditions which are non-cancerous such as fibroid tumours and endometriosis. These are experts who mainly focus specifically on cancers that affect women.

  • Haematologist oncologist 

These are the doctors who are cancer specialists and treats blood cancers specifically like lymphoma and leukaemia. They also treat disorders that are not cancers such as haemophilia and sickle cell anaemia. 

List of best oncologists in India 

There are many best oncologists in India; you just have to ask your primary care doctor for a recommendation. Below we have listed best oncologists in India to help you out:

Prof. Dr Suresh H. Advani, Medical Oncologist, Mumbai

  • Having 43 years of experience
  • Hold expertise in Bone marrow and Stem cell transplant, Lymphomas, Multiple myelomas, Acute Leukemia, and Breast Cancer

Dr Harit Chaturvedi, Surgical Oncologist, New Delhi

  • Having 25 years of experience
  • His specialization includes Surgical Oncology, Breast Cancer Surgeries and Abdominal Cancer Surgeries

Dr Kapil Kumar, Surgical Oncologist, New Delhi

  • Having 28 years of experience
  • Holds specialization in Upper G.I. Once surgery, Thoracic surgery including Esophagus cancer, Pancreatic Biliary Surgery, Lung cancers and Mediastinal tumours.

Dr Ashok Vaid, Medical Oncologist, Gurgaon

  • Having 35 years of experience
  • His specialization includes Treatment of Leukemias, Lymphomas,organ-specific cancers, and Stem Cell Transplantation.

Dr PL Kariholu, Surgical Oncologist, Noida

  • Having 35 years of experience
  • His specialization includes Surgical Oncology and is a prestigious member of many reputed organisations like Indian Medical Association.

The time you are diagnosed with cancer, the patient should be referred to the best oncologist in India to start with the treatment. An oncologist will manage a patient’s care all through the course of the disease and start by diagnosing and stage of cancer. He will also let a patient know all treatment options and his or her preferred choice too. In many cases, a patient’s diagnosis is also complex, and so oncologists can ask for a tumour board to review the entire case. In this tumour board, there are medical experts from all areas of cancer care come together to determine the best treatment plan to treat the cancer condition effectively.