Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Center in Ojus, Florida

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Center in Ojus, Florida

If you are struggling with substance abuse, United Recovery Project is here to help you on your journey to recovery. Remember that you are not alone, and we will be with you each step of the way. Reaching out for help is the most significant thing you can do for yourself, and we are here to get you back on the right track towards a healthy future.

At our Ojus alcohol rehab, we deeply value our professional relationships, and we are proud to collaborate with our national professional community.

We appreciate your trust and consideration when referring to customers, and we always strive to make sure that our process extends your professional expertise. Professional partners have shared their appreciation for our world-class clinical program, ease in the referral process, and individualized treatment staff.

About United Recovery Project

United Recovery Project provides substance abuse and mental health treatment programs that are individualized to our clients’ needs.

Known for our exceptional diagnostics, assessments, treatment planning, and medical care, we help clients stop their drug and alcohol use—but more significantly, we teach them how to maintain that lifestyle so they can get their lives back and relationships on track.

We are a dual diagnosis facility, and in addition to treating drug and alcohol problems, we help clients overcome gambling and trauma, depression, grief, loss, and anger management problems. At United Recovery Project, we heal the whole person—emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We provide the most up-to-date, innovative therapy, and constantly adapt to better ourselves and benefit our clients.

Our therapists comprise licensed mental health counselors, certified addiction professionals, and masters-level therapists who, along with the other incredibly nurturing staff, care deeply about the success of those we are treating. We have a large number of employees, which allows our clients to receive the attention they require any time of day or night.

Assorted Features

At our Ojus alcohol rehab center, we offer structured programs and assorted features that set us apart from other treatment centers. Some of them comprise:

Natural Protocols

Our medical and holistic specialists work in tandem to produce safe, holistic supplements that may reduce and/or eliminate the use of prescription medications and decrease withdrawal symptoms. Clients find that these supplements help with sleeping, concentration, anxiety issues, as well as overall well-being.

Individualized Treatment and Group Sessions

We help customers get to their underlying issues through frequent one-on-one therapy tailored to treat their specific issues. We also necessitate clients to attend group sessions that help them learn from others.

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