AI Not Some Fancy Passing and Going to Affect Healthcare

AI Not Some Fancy Passing and Going to Affect Healthcare

There are several studies that explain how well artificial intelligence computers can outperform doctors in disease diagnoses and cancer screenings. Does that mean AI will replace the newly trained radiologists and pathologists working in healthcare industry?

The latest concern of the radiologists and pathologists is not the workload but the no-work at all. It is expected that AI will displace much of the work of anatomical pathologists and radiologists. The human accuracy will soon exceed – AI will do it. If anyone from Google suggests stop training radiologists now- hear him seriously. Such predictions can be real since the AI’s tantalizing power to determine patterns and anomalies is a big thing for healthcare sector. Artificial Intelligence is already in use of early detection of pancreatic cancer and other cancer forms. It gives hope of early tumor detection that is missed, for better outcomes.

Machine Learning gifts an opportunity to enhance the delivery of healthcare; certainly in high-disease or low-resource settings. The possibilities are beyond cancer detection. In the recent studies, experts have revealed that AI can detect rare hereditary diseases in children, genetic disorders in infants, neurodegenerative diseases and cholesterol –raising genetic diseases. It can also predict the cognitive decline that results in Alzheimer’s disease.

There are more companies today offering FDA approved AI products, such as ProFound AI for digital breast tomosynthesis, OsteoDetect that helps detect wrist fractures.

When AI become a regular tool for diagnosis?

If you think that AI will welcome you at hospital in coming time, you are right. However, it might not happen as fast as you think, but this is true and will going to affect everything done in healthcare.

Will AI Eats Up the Jobs in Healthcare?

Surely, AI will affect the working of healthcare sector but it will also bring new opportunities for people working in the healthcare sector. It is expected that Indian healthcare industry will grow to $6.6 billion by 2021. Since patients are more aware and there is evolvement of affordability, they are now demanding more from their medical practitioners. AI is a medium that can provide them significant enhancements.

AI can bring several advantages to healthcare in different segments

  • Research and clinical trials
  • Assessment
  • Assisted surgery
  • Hospital operations
  • Diagnostics

AI based innovation and setting up AI-ready healthcare infrastructure is imperative and AI apps will have the credibility to create new job opportunities and evolve the whole healthcare sector.

Since artificial intelligence is a specialized skill area, many companies are working on AI applications and are looking for experienced developers. However, the numbers of institutions providing training and skills to the professionals are less in the market, so it is challenging for enterprises to find talent for AI app development for healthcare

Although the overall effect of AI on Indian healthcare jobs is mostly neutral, there is still more room for AI to drive innovative and cost effective solutions that are sustainable and scalable to enhance the quality of healthcare system.

The private healthcare sector is gradually adopting intelligent technologies for early diagnostics and to offer personalized complete care for patient recovery, virtual nursing, clinical documentation, and monitoring health of patient through brain-computer interfaces, smart devices, and wearables. This results in more job opportunities for AI analysts and data scientists for developing chatbots and virtual assistants to allow assisted diagnosis and remedial decision support.

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