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Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town: Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & Career

Ahmed ali riaz malik is one of the most established entrepreneurs and the CEO of the famous Bahria town, which is one of Asia’s biggest real estate projects. His father Malik Riaz Hussain is a renowned Pakistani business tycoon and currently stands at 7th spot in the richest people in Pakistan.

Net worth: Ahmed Ali Riaz malik’s net worth is still unknown

Income source: Ali ahmed riaz malik gets most of his income from his CEO role in Bahria town

Real name: Ali Ahmed riaz malik

Date of birth/Age/Height/weight:  Ali ahmed riaz was born in the year 1978 and currently aged 40 years.

Education and Professional life

Ali Ahmed riaz was born in the year 1978 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and raised in the same city whilst completing his schooling from Beaconhouse School in 1999. Once finished with his education, Ahmed Ali Riaz, made an entry to his family business in Real estate and joined his father in the management of Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd, which is one of the Asia’s biggest real estate development firms. He started it all from the scratch and achieved everything on the basis of his capabilities and hard work with his work in the process. Starting with the role of a procurement manager and sales & marketing manager, he later got promoted as the project manager in 2005 to supervise various development projects in Pakistan on behalf of Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd. It was finally In the year 2007, when Ahmed Ali Riaz got appointed as  the CEO of the Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd and his efforts and hard work took the company to greater horizons with a turnover of over USD$ 1 billion.

Personal life of Ali ahmed riaz

Ahmed Ali Riaz married Mubashra Ali Malik in the year 2003. Mubashra ali malik was born in 1984  and comes from the family which owns one of the  biggest sugar refineries in the country. She is the one who is a playing a major role in most of the philanthropic activities of Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd which also involves offering 150,000 meals daily to all the underprivileged people in the country.

Various projects taken care by Ahmed Ali Riaz

Ali ahemd Riaz has been the main man behind most of the successful developmental projects by Bahria town in recent year. He has also been the major name to bring the dream of “Pakistan’s first ever Island city” into reality whilst signing an agreement with US real estate tycoon Thomas Kramer in 2013. The agreements stated that both the parties would equally contribute to build and support the Bundle and Bodha islands in the Karachi city.

Under his supervision, Bahria town contributed in a number of projects like DHA Smart city Islamabad, Bin alam city Islamabad, Blue world city Islamabad, bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Rawalpindi and Bahria town Lahore. They are also planning to build the third biggest Masjid in the Bahria town Karachi 9 sports city, Golf city and Paradise precincts) and their team is working big time on the same project.