Education · December 8, 2022

Advantages of Bilingual Preschool

You want to prepare your child for the future. Enroll your child in a dual-language English preschool. Learning a second language is one of the best gifts you can give your child for the future.

Children are natural language learners. However, it is difficult for elders to speak. Children have an innate ability to learn multiple languages ​​at the same time and at the same time. Not only do children learn a new language quickly, but they also learn to pronounce it first.

Research has shown many other benefits to exposure to a second language at an early age than language acquisition. Bilingual preschool children show better problem-solving skills, working memory, and thinking skills, among other benefits. Working with Spanish exposes children to many cultures, inspires interest in other parts of the world, and promotes understanding of many perspectives.

Bilingual Preschool

1. Increased intelligence  

Spanish-speaking children perform well in critical thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving tasks. Younger students develop better linguistic awareness and a more complex understanding of their native language.

2. Better academic progress

A bilingual student’s “brain” is enhanced as the brain’s ability to understand, find meaning and communicate efficiently in multiple languages ​​is tested. Make friends quickly, solve math problems, and much more.

3. Initial storage

 Children who learn a foreign language remember better and understand than children who speak only one language. Studies have shown that people who speak two languages ​​remember names, directions, and songs better than people who know only one language.

4. Bilingual education offers more cultural opportunities

 One of the benefits of enrolling in a bilingual school is that your child meets someone from a different culture. In bilingual schools, Austin children learn about other cultures. This bilingual preschool also makes it easier for them to understand the world around them. It helps to grow in understanding, openness, and acceptance of differences. Most Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia students have no contact with Spanish, although some children speak Spanish or a foreign language very well. The Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia program is not an immersive experience; Instead, Spaniards engage in daily activities. This method allows children to acquire natural language.

5. Improved memory and recall ability

Studies show that bilingualism is associated with better memory. One report states that “the main proposed advantage of bilinguals is their need to organize and manage both languages, which are operated simultaneously whenever one of the languages ​​is used.” language”. Processing multiple languages ​​at the same time causes the following physical changes to improve memory in the human brain:

> Improved brain function and overall health

> Increase gray volume and density

> Improved executive functions

Strong connections between neurons