Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Filter Pitcher

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Filter Pitcher

After getting huge popularity in many regions of western countries, water filter pitcher becomes the basic need among everyone. These are almost similar to a jar and you can easily buy from e-commerce platforms as well as from nearby stores.

However, the fact that, most of the people have doubts about this product which can make them avoid the purchase. Well, there is no need to worry about a single thing as if you are reading this post because we are mentioning the major advantages and disadvantages to help you out knowing that why should you buy and why to avoid.

Let’s begin by looking at some well-known advantages which can easily make you think about the purchase of it.

Major Advantages (Merits) 

Since the water filter pitcher is launched in the market, we are finding new inventions in the filtration technology. These things are kept on improving the water filters. So, let’s begin by some of the best factors –

  • Quick Time Filtration – After placing the water filter pitcher below a faucet, you have to fill water inside it. Water passes by the filters and gets cleaned in a couple of seconds. These factors ensure the safe and most reliable use for sure.
  • Easy to Use – Just by filling the pitcher with water, you have completed the job. Yes, the water is filtered and you are ready to drink it without waiting for a single minute. Whereas, normal water filters are slow.
  • Affordability – From the launch date, the water pitcher filters are very affordable. However, the technology is totally enhanced in the meantime and you can expect impressive technology.
  • Filtration Technology – There are activated carbon filters with some fiber membrane very close to each other. Both the filters stop contaminants like as bacteria, leeches, viruses and such other particles in between.

These factors will help you grab the details about filters and finding out that why should you buy it for yourself.

Major Disadvantages (Demerits) –

Some of the disadvantages we think that you can find after buying a water filter pitcher are –

  • Price Tags – Some of the best products in the market comes for an expensive price tag. Those are reliable and perfect for fulfilling the need but they seem a bit expensive. Even, the replacements are also costly.
  • Maintenance – The cost of replacement seems like the big issue because you have to change the filter after every second month which can make you think again before spending money on such products.
  • Slow In Filtration – Saying that these water filter pitchers are very quick in working will be wrong because it takes some decent amount of time to purify water. If you want very quick water filtration then you have to buy an expensive product.

After considering these factors, you may have got it that why should you opt for the purchase of a water filter pitcher and why to avoid it.


Make sure that you use any of the water filters in the home to keep your family safe from water contaminants and other diseases.

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