Medical · May 20, 2021

A Whole-Hearted Approach to Dental Health in Balwyn

Located in the State of Victoria, Balwyn is an inner eastern suburb of Melbourne and is part of Boroondara’s local government area. According to the latest census of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the suburb of Balwyn has a land area of 447 hectares with a 2020 population of 14,403.

Balwyn is considered one of the most exclusive and affluent suburbs of Melbourne. Residents in this area enjoy holistic public services on housing, education and training, arts and culture, sports and recreation, employment, and environmental management programs. The suburb’s health and wellness programs are also regarded as one of the best, including several highly trained dentist balwyn practitioners and innovative dental clinics spread throughout the suburb.

From institutionalising government plans and programs to establishing inclusive infrastructure, here are the reasons why Balwyn’s dental health is considered top-notch:

Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 

Achieving a whole-hearted approach to dental health starts with the priority programs and actions set by the government. The City of Boroondara and the suburb of Balwyn completely subscribe to the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan. Two of the priority areas identified include promoting healthier eating and active living, both of which are directly and indirectly linked to dental health.

On the national level, the Australian government works with all state and territory governments to implement the National Oral Health Plan 2015 to 2024. Legislations are also passed to promote improved dental health services, including the Dental Benefits Act 2008 and the Dental Benefits Rules 2014.

Dental Education

Australia has experienced an increase in demand for dental education and workforce training opportunities in the past years. Besides higher salaries, dentists in Balwyn also engage in various advocacy programs for oral health and wellness. The immediate positive impacts of achieving dental health for the community allow for greater interests among the youth to study and train in dental medicine.

In Balwyn alone, dental education is made more accessible with the various dental program offerings of the School of Dentistry at the University of Melbourne, the Melbourne Dental School, and the Australian Dental Academy. 

Advocacies on Oral Health and Wellness

Oral health and wellness are taught in Australian educational institutions at a very young age. All primary and secondary schools in the country, particularly in urban suburbs like Balwyn, invest heavily in school dental services such as toothbrushing, mouth rinsing and oral health education programs. These advocacies are further leveraged in the communities with the regular clinic-based programs.

For the underprivileged and disadvantaged community members, a more inclusive and holistic oral health promotion program is being established.

Lucrative business

Putting up dental businesses in Balwyn and the other suburbs of Boroondara is proven to be a lucrative business, increasing the awareness of residents on the importance of having improved oral health and wellness. As a result, dental clinics in these areas are provided with a steady stream of clients and patients. Most of these clinics offer personalised services with the latest dental equipment and technologies. Many dentist balwyn practitioners are also highly regarded as one of the best in their respective fields. 

Providing access to oral healthcare and wellness services is an essential component in improving communities’ way of life. The suburb of Balwyn took on this challenge wholeheartedly and provided avenues for its residents to receive top-notch dental care for all.