A Quick Guide to Failure Mode And Effects Analysis (FMEA)

A Quick Guide to Failure Mode And Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Every business requires a way to solve the problems. In the organization, any failure can cause and disruption in the whole production process. Failure mode and effects analysis contribute to identifying all possible failures in a design, a manufacturing process, a product, or a service. The basic idea behind this analysis relies on two pillars, finding the failures and the best solution to avoid them in the future. 

Situations where FMEA works best 

FMEA is a procedure that can be designed to work for any situation which involves a change in the manufacturing process. 

  • A process is designed or redesigned 

After a quality function deployment, FMEA can help to make the process gel with the existing processes. Whenever you have a process introduced or product added, you must study the important factors that are required and changes to existing ones.

  •  The existing process or service is applied in a new way to the new process

Whenever a company produces an existing process to a new department, it is to be analysed what effect it would produce. It is necessary to evaluate if the employees are ready to accept the changes, how capable they are to implement the new changes in the department. It should be analysed and if the process or product has any risks and how these could be mitigated.

  • Developing control plans for a new process 

There should be control plans that could reduce the risks associated with the new process. Whenever a new process is added to the production process, the effects are multiplied to affect the existing processes of the production. 

Lean manufacturing consultants suggest using the FMEA to predict the effects and be prepared with action plans to control the risks.

  • Improvement goals are planned for an existing process

Whenever you plan to improve the assertive process in your manufacturing cycle, you must have a deep analysis of how far and to what extent the improvements will happen. These improvements can be implemented with certain modifications.

These modifications can cause failure and certain effects with the FMEA analysis. You can predict that in advance to plan to reduce major disruptions. 

  •  Analysing failures of an existing process

Any machinery breakdown, an employee leaving the company, shortage of raw material can cause a disruption in the manufacturing cycle. Consultants often look at this situation with a frown. These failures can cause a major disruption in the whole business causing a drain in time, efforts. 

All this can be analysed further and eliminated from your production processes with a deep analysis for its causes and removing them from the production cycle.

You can also make future plans to control the consequences and effects if the situation arises again in the future.

According to a business improvement consultant, FMEA can be carried out every after few weeks or months. So that the minor disruptions that happened can be analysed, improve the efficiency and productivity of your Business. 

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