A Handy List of Top Foods to Help Lower Cholesterol

A Handy List of Top Foods to Help Lower Cholesterol

Heap up your plate with plenty of fruits and vegetables to bring down LDL or bad cholesterol. Antioxidants available in foods like these offer innumerable health advantages. What’s more, increasing consumption of foods that help lower cholesterol like fruits and veggies would easily lead to lesser ingestion of fat, maintaining normal weight and BP levels. List of foods for lowering cholesterol include the ones rich in plant sterols such as bread spread, yoghurt, among numerous others. Let’s have a glance.


A fistful of nuts is not just a savory snack but also one of the top foods that help lower cholesterol. This is Specially Recommended for Pregnant Ladies or New Moms. The monounsaturated fat present in nuts helps in preserving favorable HDL or good cholesterol levels at the same time as lowering LDL cholesterol. Various studies have found that eating a daily ounce of nuts reduces risk of cardiovascular disease. The fat and calorie dense nuts are to be eaten just a fistful each day, making sure that they don’t have any chocolate or sugar coating.


Coming up next in our list of foods that help to lower cholesterol, onions can decrease risk by up to twenty five percent. Eating half raw onion daily raises HDL cholesterol by an average of twenty five percent in most persons with cholesterol issues.

Unsaturated Fats

Dietitians advise that around twenty five to thirty five percent of daily calorific intakes must arrive from fat. Certain unsaturated fats like canola, safflower and olive oil help in bringing down LDL levels and increasing the HDL levels. Butter and palm oil has saturated fats that raise bad LDL cholesterol levels. Nevertheless, even good fats are high in calories therefore they are best when eaten in limits.


Fish is a significant ingredient in the list of foods to help lower cholesterol. In fact, fishes are a rich source of omega3 fatty acids, less in the level of saturated fats and help out in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels — a type of blood fat — and loosening the formation of arterial plaque. Preferably, fatty fishes such as sardine, trouts, tunas and salmons are great options; however, you should not deep fry them – as this would cancel the health benefits.

Whole Grains

Whole Grains are great foods to lower cholesterol. A full bowl of oatmeal or other whole grain cereals offers health benefits that last right through the day. Oats have a soluble fiber called beta glucans. Eating around one cup of oatmeal a day considerably reduces blood cholesterol levels. The complex carbohydrates and also the fiber there in the whole grains makes you feel a filled stomach quicker and for a longer duration. Apart from that, the whole grains help in bringing down LDL levels which is fundamental for a successful weight reduction program. The other whole grain foods to bring down cholesterol are wild rice or brown rice, wheat flour, barley and popcorn.


Walnuts — one of the top foods to lower cholesterol — can decrease risk by up to forty five percent. Walnuts have omega 3 fatty acids, which brings down cholesterol and avoids blood clots. Consuming walnuts can reduce your overall cholesterol level by twelve percent and cholesterol (LDL) level by sixteen percent.


Peanut (Ground nuts) has vitamin E, a potent antioxidant known to considerably lessen the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Peanut has plenty of bioflavonoid resveratrol which assists in perking up blood flow to the brain by nearly thirty percent, therefore cutting down the danger of stroke. Even adding tiny quantities of peanut foodstuffs to your diet can lessen cholesterol (LDL) by fourteen percent.


Legumes and Beans can decrease the risk by up to thirty percent. The protein, fiber and other compounds there in lentils, beans and legumes can decrease blood clotting, cholesterol and perk up function of blood vessels. Also, these are an immense source for folate, which helps in keeping homocysteine levels – a sign of heart problem — in check. One dried legumes/beans serving a day can decrease cholesterol by up to ten percent.


Eating nuts, like in-shell pistachios, can lower LDL and total cholesterol levels considerably by up to seven percent and the triglycerides by up to ten percent. In-shell pistachios help in bringing down cholesterol and triglycerides perk up blood glucose control, blood vessel function, act as powerful antioxidant and present weight management advantages as well, thereby improving overall heart health.

More Fiber

Carbohydrates are essential for energy production; on the other hand a lot of them are more helpful for health as compared to others. For example, beans, brown or quinoa rice, whole wheat pastas are fiber-rich foods. So these boost blood sugar at a steady pace and decrease the odds of developing diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Carbohydrates in pastry, polished rice, bread or white potato cause an abrupt boost in blood sugar and may raise the possibility of getting type 2 diabetes.


Apples can reduce risk up to fifty percent. Research in Netherlands has revealed that the phytochemicals in apples could help reduce the possibility of death from stroke or heart disease by half. Eating two whole apples a day or drinking twelve ounces of apple juice is very helpful.

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