A Guide to Hair straightening Treatments

A Guide to Hair straightening Treatments

I remember going to my cousin brother’s wedding with my parents in Lucknow. My younger sister and I were way too excited for this wedding. But a week prior to his wedding, she fell sick and doctor had suggested bed rest. She got really upset because she was planning on getting few hair treatments from her favorite salon in her hometown. Luckily she recovered before wedding and we had to leave for the venue. Everyone was happy to see us and the excitement was over the roof. Although, my sister was a bit let down because of her plans for her hair. It was my cousin who came to her rescue and suggested to go for the hair treatment there in a good reputed salon in Lucknow.

So next day we had to take her to a salon that did one of the best hair straightening in Lucknow. If you’re as confused as I was when I went to the salon, Hair straightening involves restructuring of the hair where the chemicals permanently break the bonds of the hair shaft. These are then restructured with application of heat and newly formed bonds are sealed with more chemicals. Afraid not, if you’re getting your treatment done by a good salon, you need not worry about the quality of the chemicals as they will not harm your hair. Also, you need to have some awareness about the allergies you might have with some chemicals before you begin the procedure. It is advisable that you go through a brief checkup you’re your hair before you undergo any hair treatment. Permanent hair straightening is different from temporary straightening as the former is a lengthy process and involves a specific technique and compositions for different hair types. Her stylist began with the treatment after a thorough examination that was done under 90 minutes.

The next step was rebonding and we were thrilled to discover that the same salon was also a renowned one for hair Rebonding in Lucknow.

She was instantly on board with the treatment and since I was getting a little worried about all the chemicals being put onto her hair, the stylist had already explained to us the role of each chemical and the process and the excellent quality of products they used. Rebonding on the other hand is a process that involves chemically relaxing your hair and applying the chemicals to break down the bonds to smoothen your hair.

Once the bond of each hair follicle is broken, it is reconstructed in another manner that changes the structure of your natural hair texture giving it the desired shape which in our case was straight. The end result of the hair rebonding process turned out to be shiny, smooth hair that will not revert back to its original texture for a long long time. All she had to do was to keep up with her roots. It was an amazing wedding and she never looked happier and so it was a success.

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