Pets and Animals · May 21, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Keep Guppies as Pets

In today’s world, when there is no time for building a social life, pets can become your best companion. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you will enjoy your pet’s company. They can become your buddies in no time and bring a sense of fullness.

One such loving pet is the Guppy fish, also known as rainbow fish because of their beautiful colors. The Guppies are one of the friendliest fish species in the world. These small creatures with such vibrant colors are tropical freshwater fish. They are small and easy to maintain. You can keep them in a group or singular.

You may be wondering what you will need to keep guppies as a pet. Will you need a unique aquarium? What do they eat? Do guppies need a heater to maintain their temperature? Well, no need to worry. You will find the answer to all your questions in the list below.

Points to Remember to Keep Guppies as Pets

Tank and Accessories

First and foremost, you will need a tank to build your aquarium. Make sure it is of the correct size according to the number of fishes you wish to keep. It is advisable to take baby steps and buy only one or two fish if you are starting. Maintain the optimal conditions for them for some time, and then you can go for a bigger number.

Guppies are playful beings, and they like to be majorly active. So, when it comes to accessories, you can put some plants and décor items in the tank, as long as the tank is not too crowded. You can also invest in gravel or sand because guppies prefer sleeping at the bottom part of the tank, and it will prove to be more comfortable for them.

Food for Guppies

Guppies tend to eat a variety of food. You can purchase flake food made for tropical fish from the store near you. Buying a branded food that contains protein and other nutrients is a better choice here. You can feed them once or twice a day, leaving a gap of 12 hours between each meal.

You can treat your beloved pet once a week with a little treat. Baby brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, blood worms, etc., are some of the supplements that guppies quite like. Just make sure you don’t go over the board with the amount.

Aquarium Heater

Guppies are tropical fish and can live in temperatures ranging from 23°C to 26°C. You may be wondering that this is room temperature range, so do guppies need a heater? The water temperature does not hold the same temperature as that of air and surrounding. Also, as the season varies, the temperature will shift, which can be harmful to the guppy’s health.

So, it is better to keep guppies in a tank with a water heater. With so many options available in the market today, you can easily choose one which suits you the best. The heater will ensure a constant temperature is maintained in the tank.

Final Thoughts

These little creatures can be one of the best pets you will ever have. With minimal maintenance efforts, you will never get bored of looking at their beautiful colors. They can be great companions and are pleasing to the eyes. Just make sure you provide them with their favorable conditions and clean their tank regularly. By doing only these things, you will ensure they live up to their fullest.