Shopping · December 6, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide On The Process To Build A Beyblade

The Beyblade is an exciting kids’ play item that has recently been in the spotlight in this country. These are quick-spinning objects and children have loved them like anything. There have been certain myths about the Beyblade and being a doting parent you should help your child to clear the air. Are Beyblades made of metal? This is a question that most parents seem to ask considering that children will be playing and it might cause them harm. The answer is no and you would love to hear that there is the scope to make a Beyblade. 

You have heard it right and people who are of the DIY type can build a Beyblade. Here are the various steps to go through as you plan to construct a Beyblade toy for your little one. 

Make the Beyblade structure

A priority will be to prepare a sold Beyblade structure and it will have to be done in three stages. Here are the details for readers in brief. 

  • The first part of the process will be to prepare a Beyblade base. If you have a large rubber eraser, that could work out perfectly. These are easy to decorate and will help the Beyblade to spin with more power. 
  • You will have to cut the Beyblade to size and in a neat circular shape. This will enhance the spinning capacity of the Beyblade without it falling over. 
  • You can consider pushing a pushpin right through the center of the Beyblade. This will play the role of a handle and allow you to launch the Beyblade. Is the Beyblade wobbling or falling over? It means that the pin is not in the center and there could be a need to make adjustments. 

What are the types of Beyblades that you can build?

There is a variety of Beyblades that you can build and it will depend upon the needs of the child. To be more precise, there are four variations of the Beyblade, and here are the details for readers in brief. 

  • You can build an attacking Beyblade and with the help of spikes, do give the toy a scary look.  This is the Beyblade to own if you are determined to cause some damage. Use permanent markers of strong colors to give it a scary feeling.  You must draw a design that resembles an attack. 
  • A defense Beyblade is the second option and it may not be as flashy as an attacking Beyblade, but it must look powerful. You can decorate it with neutral colors such as blue & green. The design must resemble defense and a killer whale on the face could be appropriate. 
  • You can have stamina Beyblade that is meant to continue spinning for a longer time. You will have to make sure that the toy is a good spinner and draw the design accordingly. 
  • A balanced Beyblade is the last option and it resembles all the above three varieties. 

This is a complete update on the process to make a Beyblade and you can present it to the child to play around. Your kid is sure to love it to the hilt.