Education · August 27, 2020

A complete guide on how to prepare for NEET

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum entrance exam it is a common entrance test used for admissions in the medical field for students who are planning on studying medical (MBBS) or dental (BDS) courses  in government or private medical or dental colleges across the country.  This exam is highly popular and was introduced by Ministry of Human resource Development along with the medical council of India.

Students are allowed to take these exams after they graduate 12th grade. This is when the question arises on when to start preparing for these major exams. The right answer is when you think you’re ready to start. Students start preparing as early as 6th-7th grade a few students even start preparing from 11th grade which is ideal as students get time to focus and grasp all the topics better, they either opt for coaching centers or Best Plus 2 School in Andhra Pradesh that provide coaching. The reason why students opt for coaching through experts is because they help complete syllabus on time while clearing doubts on the way and even helping children with tips and tricks along with teaching them time management which is crucial for these entrance tests.

General Information on NEET

This entrance exam is a three hour exam which consists of one paper with 180 objective type questions with subjects that include Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

Total Paper Credit =720 Marks

Each correct Answer = 4 Marks

Each Incorrect Answer = -1 Mark

Online registry is the only way to register for this entrance exam. You can apply for NEET through the website Registration for this exam is a must. Other rules and information regarding this exam is available on the website. If you’re going through a coaching institute or the Best IIT / NEET coaching school in Andhra Pradesh they will guide you regarding.

How to prepare for NEET on your own

  • Start with syllabus

Start with going through the complete syllabus but don’t be worried it may seem a lot at first but as you break them down into parts it’ll get easier.

In two years of time you will be able to cover this as you will. Find topics in your ongoing 11th and 12th portions.

You can either take a screenshot on a device easily accessible of take a print out which is handier for you to scan through.

  • Books

This is pretty obvious but a major requirement which is Study material! If you join a coaching center of your school is providing this coaching you will not require any extra material apart from what you already have. If you’re studying on your own then we recommend you do some research on the books you’ll require.

  • Schedule

     Discipline is key! Create a schedule for you to follow create it according to what works for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or a night owl plan accordingly. The hour of the day that suits you best should be the hour you pick to start studying at.

  • Focus

As you set your schedule and timetable according to the subjects ensure you even create your tasks as a weekly and daily goal. Make sure you remove all unnecessary distraction from your way and ensure when it’s time to study that is all that is being done.

  • Practice

It’s easy for the human brain to miss out on a few details. Practice is very important try to understand concepts instead. And practice a lot, ask questions clear doubts. If you spend around 5-6 hours after coaching, you seem to be going on the right path!

  • Revision

Revise what you studied before the day ends it’s an excellent way to make sure information stays strong in your memory.

Many students opt for guidance through coaching centers or their schools. A few top international schools in Andhra Pradesh, also providing extensive coaching which is highly recommended for students as they yield better results. Professionals at these coaching centers and schools are always available to clear doubts and help you practice consistently which is beneficial. These professionals also ensure you stay disciplined and follow your timetables.