Business · July 21, 2022

A Checklist To Run A Successful Live Streaming Event

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With the passing of time, marketers are finding different ways of approaching the audience. Similarly, global event industries, including Singapore, consider live streaming as the best way to engage people.

Video is no anymore an “up-and-coming” content strategy. With the innovation of live streams in Singapore and on global platforms, video content has become a powerful way of real-time communication with the target audience.

Furthermore, according to a report, 59% of executives prefer watching an event video instead of written content.

Since you are on this page, we are assuming that you might want to conduct a video stream live. So, in this article, we have mentioned a checklist for running a successful live video streaming.

A Quick Checklist For A Successful Live Stream

In this section, we will share a list of some important things you need to consider for conducting live streaming events.

1. High-Quality Cameras

If you have chosen an event planner in Singapore or nearby your location, then ask them to use cameras in the best way. It includes right placement, maintaining the quality, and its angles, as well as checking if it is able to cover a large event.  

High-quality professional cameras offer clearer visuals than a smartphone camera. Also, it helps businesses achieve high professionalism when conducting a live streaming event.

Mostly, live video streaming demands high-quality videos because it is the only way to engage the audience. If the quality is poor, the participants will leave the event in between. Also, ask the tech-savvy team to always be ready for backup when any error occurs.

2. Microphones

Now, moving ahead to the sound quality. It is simple to enhance with premium quality mics. Believe us; the audience hates it to watch an online event with terrible or poor sound quality.

For good quality audio, it’s better to opt for handheld mic and lavalier mics instead of built-in microphones. To provide a great live streaming experience, use an audio mixer that is plugged into your camera.  

Using an audio mixer is considered the best way to create a uniform listening experience for the audience. And it adjusts the varying voice levels of panellists or speakers.

3. Proper Lighting Arrangements 

Well, the lightning arrangements depend on the content of your live broadcast. Take care of your speaker, host, and interview subject; they must get evenly distributed lighting. It’s essential that lighting arrangements flatter the subject and gives a clear video to virtual audiences.

The most common and basic lighting used in live video streaming is Three-Point lighting. It’s a foundation of lighting setups, whether it’s a live broadcast or a pre-recorded program. With the help of three-point lighting, you can make sure that the subject is easy to cover from multiple angles. It gives an even look to the live video.

4. Great Internet Connectivity 

Well, the live stream is when streamed video content is sent on the Internet in real-time. These events are not recorded and neither edited; that is why it requires great internet connectivity.

It’s not easy to entertain a live audience, so the first step is delivering the best quality video. It simply needs reliable internet connectivity. Well, a great benchmark is having twice the upload speed available as your streaming bitrate.

Live video streaming via Ethernet to a dedicated network has fewer risks of experiencing bandwidth fluctuation. It is better than wireless connections or shared networks. 

So ensure you have a dedicated server, 10Mbp+ upload speed, open port, and hard-wired Ethernet. Usually, open ports 1935, 80, and 443 provide the highest outbound and inbound traffic.

5. Hire The Right Event Planner 

As the popularity of live video streaming has increased, the demand for planners also increased, and so do the number of event planning companies. To run a smooth event, you have to find the best company out of numerous options. 

Also, hiring professionals will guide you on every step of event planning. Right from planning to execution, planners ensure everything goes well.

The event planners will provide you with a technical crew to handle problems related to the live video stream. Hence, make sure you are doing great research and find a top-notch service provider in your town. 

6. Play Event On your Personal Device 

Whatever platform you have chosen for live video streaming, make sure you run the event on your PC or phone. The reason is that you will get a clear idea of the event’s performance. 

Sit in a quiet room and watch your event with your personal device. Try to play live events on your PC and phone (both). Sometimes quality differs on various devices, so to check the video quality prefer a check on both devices.

To understand the perspective of the audience, you need to act like one. Reviewing your program’s errors and positive points would help you improve in the future.  

7. Always Have A Backup Plan 

Ensure you always have a backup plan, which is essential when you run a live video stream event. Anything like poor connectivity, power cut, or any other issue could go wrong in between, so be prepared.

If anything goes wrong in the primary setup, get yourself ready with Plan B. It means a secondary live stream setup. This will give a better experience to your audience as well as make a good reputation for your business.

Final Words 

When conducting a live stream in Singapore, it’s important to ensure that your content looks professional. Follow all the points listed in the checklist for running a smooth live stream event. It will benefit the engaging audience, create a brand image, and impress sponsors also. 

Hopefully, the above-listed tips will help you in conducting successful live video streaming for your brand or business.

Good luck with your next event!