A Brief on Hatz Diesel Generator and Its Specifications

A Brief on Hatz Diesel Generator and Its Specifications

Diesel generators are a specific type of machine that are a combination of the electric generator and diesel engine. It is used for generating electrical energy from mechanical energy and chemical energy. Diesel generators are more specifically engine-generator. Diesel engines are designed in a particular way to run on diesel out of all available fuels. However, you will find generators that make use of other fuels as well.

Diesel generators are mostly used in places where there is no electric connection or any power grid available. If the power supply undergoes a failure or there are lapse cases of grid support, peak-lopping, and export to the power grids, then diesel generators are used.

This article talks about the hatz diesel generator, which is developed by the famous engine manufacturer named motorenfabrik hatz based in Germany. The South-African branch came across this design of generators of power, water pumps, and engines.

Specifications of The Hatz Diesel Generator

The hatz Diesel 400V generator with a 15kVA power comes as one of the premier products of the South African branch of motorenfabrik hatz. The diesel generators come with an air-cooled hatz engine. Along with that, the generators have a meccalte alternator, which extends quality and functionality to the hatz diesel generators.

The hatz diesel generators are durable and heavy-duty for extensive usage. At an incredible power of 10.2 HP, the hatz diesel generators deliver maximum functionality at 3000 revolutions per minute. It has a fuel tank of the capacity of 5 liters. Thus, once you fill it in, and you are good to go for several cycles of usage of the hatz diesel generator.

This diesel generator comes handy with either an electric switch start, or a recoil start. There is a separate control panel which is furnished with two power outlets of 15 amperes each. A residual current device or RCD is attached individually for extra safety. A volt generator of 230/380 volts is put on display. This volt generator is based on the hatz 2M41 engine.

The unit amounts to a total weight of 200 kgs with dimensions that make it easy to handle. Customize the hatz diesel generator outputs according to your requirements. Additionally, the hatz diesel generators come with water pumps that are of two functions: 2-inch clear water and a trash pump. All in all, hatz diesel generators are robust, sturdy, and equipped to take on every climate and need.

More About Hatz Systems and Their Effective Designs

The hatz systems have been popular for their ground-breaking technologies and coming of age systems that aid every project. They mainly put their focus on power and energy solutions. They find usage in the electric supply and energy supply stations. Diesel generators find application in the pumping stations as well. When it comes to special projects, hatz diesel generators are used in special military projects and the maritime sector as well.

The range of power is from 2kW to several 100 kW outputs. There are different designs available for special purposes for customer-specific demands. Some of the bigger projects undertaken by hatz to deliver the hatz diesel generators are for the pumping research as well as the technology and propulsion projects of ships.


The hatz diesel generators are made to be sturdy and resilient for every project that it is utilized for. The meticulous design makes it capable to get involved in every research and scientific analysis-oriented project that is macro-sized. The popular power outputs and that customizable unit make it all the more popular among the stalwarts in the industry of automotive.

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