A book today can open up their world tomorrow.

A book today can open up their world tomorrow.

An education can not only change a child’s life but also transform a nation’s future. In India, education and schooling are reaching out to more and more children but there is still a huge disparity when it comes to the access to books. 43.42% secondary schools in rural India don’t have a library and 23.33% schools have a library but very few books. This gap has an adverse impact as it limits children from achieving their true potential. In the remote areas of our country this problem is slowly gnawing down the possibility of a bright future for many talented young minds and feats they can achieve for the nation.

Avsar India, was started with the mission to bridge this gap between the children of our nation and the fulfillment of their potential. The initiative lets people donate books to schools and libraries situated in the remotest rural villages of our country through its website: avsarindia.com which also works like a book donation center making it easy for book donors to do their bit.

The meaningful change that Avsar India is trying to bring in the lives of millions of children across the nation can be witnessed in the villages of Jhunjhunu and Ramgarh where Dr. Sunaina Singh launched the initiative and established Avsar Libraries in three government schools. The distribution of books was not only about imparting knowledge and skills but also of opening the doors of equal opportunities for the children living in these areas and not letting their talents get wasted. The initiative received an overwhelming response from the locals. The excitement on the faces of the children as they browsed through the books reflected in it the sparks of a brighter tomorrow.

With an aim to reach 1 million children in 150+ villages by 2021, Avsar intends to help children in villages realize their full potential and fulfill their aspirations. Avsar India’s efforts to provide textbooks, competition books, reading material is sowing the seeds for a big change that will further enhance the power and reach of education throughout the nation.

The initiative’s book donation is not just an act of gifting but it is also a service to the nation and its future. So for anyone looking to open up a world of opportunities for children everywhere, Avsarindia.com is a good place to donate books and be a part of a movement that will make a big positive impact in many lives.

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