Business · February 5, 2020

9 Brilliant things a Construction Company can do with Google Analytics

This Is How A Construction Business can do Better with Google Analytics

Are you a construction firm who has just started with their website, and don’t know what to do next? Or, are you a small construction business who wants to make an online presence felt to help in branding and lead generation? Whether you are an established firm or a small business, online digital marketing is the new-age mantra. However, to achieve desirable results, one must dig deep on numbers, and how does that happen. Google Analytics is the answer. In this article, you will find 11 brilliant things a construction company can do with Google Analytics. However, there are many, who still ask:

Why to use Google Analytics in the Construction Business?

First thing first, any construction business, big or small, should have a website. A website is your online address for your prospective clients. So, don’t you want to track traffic patterns of your website? What is working for you and what is not! Analytics is the best application for monitoring traffic and other happenings on your website.

What Brilliant things a Construction Company can Achieve using Google Analytics

Google Analytics for construction business marketing is not just helpful in gauging numbers and trends but also studying the customers/clients. Nowadays, most people are using one or the other Google products, mapping them with Analytics is easy. Google keeps updating the GA version for the users and comes with a better interface. Google Analytics 5 came March 2019 and has some added features for the usability factor. Let’s unveil what a construction company can achieve with the proper use of Google Analytics.

  • Getting Relevant Data for Free – Google Analytics doesn’t Charge an Item 

First and foremost, it’s free. Yes, it is an exceptional Construction analytics tool to help with all the steps you are taking in digital marketing strategy, and unlike materialistic things in this world, it comes free. Google doesn’t charge an item to use analytics. What Google Analytics does for a construction business is that it gives important numbers, statistics and relevant information related to the target audience. All can be used to leverage a website’s performance. Rest, you can put your money on some other marketing gimmick.

  • Data Collection is Automated – Saving you Time

Do you know once you have set up the Google Analytics account, all you need is to copy a piece of code on your website to automatically collect data to put it into Google Docs, and Spreadsheets. Now with the updated Google Analytics 5, the interface is much easier for the user. The reports are accessible in a jiffy, and one can make the required changes in the strategies to get better results. With the new Google Analytics 5 comes the custom dashboards too. Create dashboards with metrics you want to see. One can even choose the information displayed on table or chart or anywhere else. It’s easy to create multiple dashboards and each of which can have multiple widgets. The feature helps in an overview of your stats for traffic and other metrics – all in one place.

  • Creating Customization Reports with Ease – And Right Numbers

We understand, for many who are working round the clock at the construction sites thinking reports and numbers is bothersome. Google has made it simple for them. In Google Analytics, you can choose from the reports Google has created for you. The exciting thing is that you can even create a customized report using a simple drag and drop. How you can do customize report: Step 1: Signed in to GA Step 2: Go the View Step 3: Click on Customization and then select Reports from the menu Step 4: Click Customization and then New Custom Report Step 5: Put a Title Step 6: Add a Report Tab Step 7: Select a report type: Explorer, Flat Table or Map Overlay Step 8: Put your dimensions and metrics Step 9: Filter your dimensions, totally optional Step 10: In this step, you can select what item needs to appear where. By the use of drop-down menu select views, which are specific or select all the views, and click save.

  • Campaign Analysis – Check which Online Campaigns are Performing Better

Create campaign in Google Analytics so that you can track traffic and conversions. How a particular construction marketing campaign has performed can be decided by looking at the advanced segments. How to create an advanced segment? Click on the Advanced Segments dropdown and pick New Custom segment. Let’s take an example of a plumbing services firm interested in local searches. So, to track traffic from local search directories, call your custom segment Local Search Profiles and enter the sites you have profiles such as or for business listings and for Google Places. By using the right custom segments, it’s easy to find out the ROI of your social media campaigns, too along with other online marketing strategies.

  • Easy Integration of your Google Analytics with other Tools and Platforms

This feature is not just an important one, but it is also what makes Google Analytics different. If you have used other Google services, you will know that Google pays a lot of attention on user interface. Google Analytics, too, is no different and has a clear and swift functioning interface. Integrate it with Google Adwords so that both the tools can work together. What happens next? This combining of two tools will give more insightful facts and numbers, leading to successive Adword Campaign. Use Google Analytics with Google Search Console too. It’s suggestible to have a certified PPC expert or to hire PPC management service agency if you have too much data to handle and to create campaign in google analytics.

  • Understand the Bounce rate of your Construction Website

As said earlier, your website is your business address. It features contact us, About us, your mission and vision, and your achievements. So, if the visitors are coming and not spending much time on your website that would mean you are losing your potential customers. What increases the bounce rate is when the visitors are coming to your website and not finding what they are seeking. Higher the bounce rate, the higher the risk for your website to score better on Google. Google Analytics is quick enough to give you a detailed analysis of the pages experiencing a higher bounce rate. With a detailed report and analysis, you can figure out ways to correct the fault like the look or feel of the page or less information, or it not well optimized and reduce the bounce rate of that particular web page. In construction business marketing, one cannot ignore the bounce rate of the construction website.

  • Which social Media Platforms to Target

Not just your construction website, your social media profiles also serve the purpose of the address and specifically speak for what you are. Another aspect of social media marketing is that it is very influential in getting users/potential customers directly to the website. For example, if a construction firm is dealing with Construction equipments on rent and is using Facebook for its CSR activities and Twitter to promote its business. The company notices that they are getting more traffic from Facebook and customer engagement/interaction from Twitter; then they can use this data to allot budget to the two social media platforms respectively. Investing in Facebook ad campaigns would be better as FB is fetching more traffic for them. The analysis of conversions, traffic, and customer interaction on both the mediums is made possible by Google Analytics. Monitoring all the social media channels for getting results is more-accessible and without much hassle. Why is Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies crucial?

  • What kind of Construction-related Content should be Used?

Did you ever notice how businesses are using blogs, creatives, infographics, and slideshares? All for the sake of quantity content. You must have heard many times, “Content is King”. And truly it is! But, if you are not using content for your business’ benefit then you will suffer. Good, well-researched and holistic content is the best way to reach out to the customers – to build the trust factor. Construction firm ABC Supply Co. Inc has a very healthy blog section dedicated to contractors. SunRay Construction Solutions, a national construction documentation firm is connecting with its customers through webinars, a part of content marketing. How Google Analytics helps these companies? Through GA they can keep track of the content pieces which are receiving views and shares. Using this data, gauge your top blogs, and revise them with updated keywords. Generating traffic through well-optimized content is the organic way. Learn more about Content marketing strategy for a construction company

  • Use Google Analytics for Email Marketing Campaigns

Google Analytics for email marketing helps in tracking clicks, how many have opened the mail, time they have spent on reading the e-mail. Google Analytics will also help you to see what your customer is doing post email click. Usually, the initial days of email marketing are dull. The information is not enough to analyze the performance of the email campaign. Gradually, it works out. Let’s have an example of a construction firm that wants to get revenue from the website through email campaign. All they should worry about is whether email campaigns are competent enough to drive checkouts on the site. Tracking your customer’s journey through email with GA will open venues to connect with your target audience. There is a saying that “There is no free lunch.” However, for marketers, Google Analytics is absolutely free. Now, getting relevant data and analysis is like a cakewalk. Marketing for construction companies need not take the expensive traditional route. Now, as you know 9 brilliant things a construction company can do with Google Analytics, don’t you want to know the 10th one! It’s information about the visitor coming to your construction website! This data consists of every visitor’s age, gender, interests, devices, and location. The Audience section of Google Analytics opens door to a lot of information about your potential customer. Use it wisely to drive conversions, sales, and traffic.