Home Decor · May 17, 2019

7 Wonderful Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In A Budget

Do you want to remodel and redecorate your bathroom, but the budget seems daunting? Here is good news for you; you can redesign your traditional bathroom to a brand new without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value annual report shows that remodeling an average bathroom costs about the US $10,500 while an advanced remodeling requires around $26,000. However, with a bit of creativity, you can redesign your bathroom for about $3000 to $10,000, or even less. So, before you start remodeling, determine your budget and affordability, and keep the resale value in mind. Thanks to the latest design and interior trends, which make it possible for you to ensure a luxury and beautiful bathroom space on a budget. Here is a list of inexpensive bathroom remodeling ideas that you may incorporate now.

Limit Tile, Go Metallica

From purchasing to hiring a contractor to lay it, tile becomes expensive. To save some bucks, get cheaper tiles alongside some accented and artistic slabs. Metallic wall tile is one consideration that creates the illusion of openness in the bathroom and looks chic. Another inexpensive way is to add a horizontal layer of tiles on the wall and painting the rest with metallic paint.

Bring Ergonomic Design

Boxy angels are out now, the curvy design is taking the edge. You don’t have to make entire bathroom curvy, instead, add it to some of the elements. Some brilliants ideas are:

  • Choose a bit curvy or round frameless shower door.
  • Add curves to the most highlighted wall of the bathroom
  • Go for circular and curvy decors

Play Smart Cith Counter Tops Countertops are expensive with color preference. Popular neutral colors like brown and tan are trendy, hence more expensive. So, check out a variety of colors and price out that fits your budget. Moreover, counter slabs having imperfection are cheaper, go for them. Don’t worry about the visibility of imperfection as the sink basin will cover enough space, and imperfections will hide there.   Redo Paint If you are not keen for tiles or you want to save enough bucks, consider repainting your bathroom walls. With the selection of the right paint color, you can bring a fashion look to your bathroom. Though light and bright paint textures are trendy, select the paint color that contacts other bathroom fixtures. Instead, the combination of bold and dark colors can be a great pick. With a little dedication and practice, you can DIY paint walls, saving cost on hiring a paint contractor. But with all the easy, there come some precautions. Since bathrooms are the smaller space in your big home, you must take extra care when painting around the door, window, shower, wall corners, and other such parts. Carry on the process slowly and gently. Since moisture and mildew develop quickly in the bathroom, it is recommended to use high-quality paint that may resist the humidity and changing temperature. Upgrade Small Accessories Instead of updating the whole bathroom fixture, you may upgrade the small and quite old fixtures like lightning, drawer pulls, sink faucets, and decors. These fixtures may seem insignificant, but they can enhance the look of your bathroom with a small investment. Some upgrading ideas are:

  • Upgrade simple hanging light to the vanity or LED lighting
  • Install the latest and trendy drawer pulls
  • Bring diversity in decors, go for different shapes and designs

Save On Big Fixture Besides upgrading small fixture, you can also enhance big bathroom fixtures including mirror, toilet, sink and shower by purchasing them used. Various trusted sites, like eBay, Olx, Amazon, and Craigslist, sell the used home fixtures- already in a good condition and not less than new. To ensure the quality, check for the old customer reviews for the desired buyer. Also, compare the features and prices of required fixtures by different providers, and choose that offers value in your budget. Remember Nature And Openness When remodeling your bathroom, don’t ignore the importance of nature and illusion. If your bathroom space is small, overloading it with all dark texture may seem weird. The best practice, for such bathrooms, is to use bright and bold fixture and color. Another way to ensure openness is the use of glass in the bathroom. With its seamless appearance, glass fixture allows natural light to travel through it and maintain natural touch. Moreover, glass fixture covers less space, ensuring openness along with style in your small bathroom. Some ideas to use glass in the bathroom are:

  • Replace shower curtain with glass shower doors. It is ideal to use a frameless glass shower door that is not only seamless but covers less space.
  • Besides glass shower doors, install glass shelves to store accessories and display decors.
  • Use a large LED wall mounted mirror to create an illusion of openness.

Above is the list of some great ideas to remodel your bathroom, but it doesn’t end here. Do you have any other low budget bathroom redesign idea? Don’t hesitate to share!