Business · November 7, 2022

7 Runners’ Knee Prevention Measures

For runners, taking care of your knees is likely a high priority. However, these key joints can endure quite a bit of stress and damage over the years if you aren’t careful. This quick guide will help you look after your knees with a little actionable advice along with a suggestion on a joint support supplement you might want to include in your health regimen.

Take Time to Stretch
To avoid injuries, it is not enough to just stretch before or after jogging. If you want to avoid injuries when running, you need to improve your overall flexibility. Yoga and other forms of active stretching may do wonders for flexibility, which in turn helps us run more efficiently and with better form.

Pay Attention to Your Bodily Cues
When you start experiencing sore muscles and joints from your new workout routine, listen to your body. Experiencing significant discomfort and stiffness the day after beginning a workout regimen indicates that you are pushing yourself too quickly.

Keep an Eye on Your Weight
Weight gain is a contributing factor to the increased complaints of runner’s joint aches that occur with advancing age. Making changes to include a more balanced, nutrient-rich diet is also highly suggested for optimal joint health in general, so this is one suggestion you don’t want to ignore.

Use Proper Footwear
Your body is one integrated system, and everything in it is interconnected. Extra weight bearing on the foot and ankles can cause problems in the knees and hips. It’s important to wear supportive footwear when working out since this will help to reduce the strain on your joints and muscles.

Switch Things Up A Bit
Altering the terrain on which you run and the stress exerted on certain joints might help you avoid injury. Runners who follow the same routine every time increase their chance of injury.

Altering your workout to include new activities, such as weight training, swimming, biking, or yoga, as well as switching up the surface, route, and tempo, can help you stay motivated and prevent boredom. Less strain is placed on tissues when movements are varied and all muscle groups are trained equally.

Load Up on Protein
To prevent the body from breaking down muscle tissue for energy, protein intake should be increased in direct proportion to the amount of energy expended during exercise. Consuming a wide variety of complete foods on a regular basis is the bedrock of a nutritious protein plan.

Daily Glucosamine Intake
According to the findings of a recent study, glucosamine benefits not only the joints but also the heart. Plus, there’s mounting proof that it can help those who put extra strain on their joints, like runners.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino sugar in cartilage, but it is also available in supplement forms like Joint Support Plus from Feel Younger. When it comes to supplements for relieving joint pain, glucosamine has been the industry leader for a very long time.

Glucosamine is not naturally occurring in the human diet. Taking 3 capsules of Joint Support Plus (which includes 1500mg of glucosamine) on a daily basis may help alleviate joint discomfort.

It’s important to keep in mind that running can strain your body, leading to deficiencies and imbalances that can negatively affect your fitness and health. You may run better and perform at your peak with the aid of supplements by keeping your body supplied with the right amount of nutrients.

High-quality supplements such as Joint Support Plus can potentially help you accomplish your health goals (in addition to a balanced diet and plenty of rest, of course!). Please visit Feel Younger’s store right now to learn more about their wide selection of carefully formulated health supplements.

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