Pets and Animals · January 22, 2021

7 Dog Grooming Tools You Need to Clean Your Pet at Home

You love to snuggle with your puppy, especially when her fur is clean and soft. But what if she’s starting to look like a shabby and ragged doll, and you cannot bring her to a professional pet groomer?

Try grooming your little furball at home with these do-it-yourself pet grooming tools.

1. Grooming Wipes

If there is something that stinks, it’s likely your dog has already found it and played with it, or worse rolled in it. With your pup constantly on the lookout for pesky things, your dog will quickly leave its post and run after the menace. Whatever it is, you surely do not want the stench to linger, but you also don’t want frequent baths for your dog as it can cause dry skin. The solution: grooming wipes. You can easily find them in any pet store. These are handy for quick cleaning between baths, so your pet always smells clean and fresh.

2. Shampoo

For bath time, you will need shampoo to get rid of that stinky situation. Pick one with good components, ideally made of organic ingredients. Like human shampoos, some dog shampoos also come with hair conditioning effects to smooth out their coat and moisturize their skin.

3. Brush for the Fur

When shopping for your furry friend’s hairbrush, pick one that’s suitable for your dog’s breed and coat. Using the wrong type of brush can cause skin irritation and even infection. Heavier coats require a special type of brush. You can ask your local pet store what hairbrush is ideal for your breed of dog.

4. Fur Clippers

Fur clippers come in different price range, but do not settle for the cheap ones, especially if your pet has thick fur. Poor quality clippers may accidentally cut and injure your pet. Look for one that’s motor-powered and easy to use. Also, since you are the primary groomer, find one that fits your hand comfortably to ensure precise clipping every time.

5. Nail Clipper 

Cutting your pup’s nails can be tricky. Some dogs are easier to handle than others, although they can be trained to endure this grooming task. Pick stainless steel nail clippers to make nail clipping as precise and quick as possible.

6. Tick and Flea Prevention

Make sure to include anti-flea and -tick products to your dog’s grooming routine. It can be in the form of shampoo, spray or ointment. Keep your dog safe from these pesky bloodsuckers by applying a tick and flea preventive products at least once a month.

7. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Dogs are fond of playing things—disgusting things—with their mouth and then licking their human friend’s face. To protect your puppy from halitosis, tooth decay and the dreaded dog breath, use a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste when cleaning their mouth. At a minimum, do it once a month, when you give your little pup a flea prevention. 

Grooming is an essential part of your pet’s welfare, and it is highly recommended that dog owners get to try doing this responsibility on their own. Not only will you keep your pup clean, but you can also bet that your relationship with your fur friend will be all the better, too.