7 Benefits of being a NEET aspirant

7 Benefits of being a NEET aspirant

The National Eligibility cum Entrance test formerly known as NEET is an entrance test for students looking to apply for medical courses like MBBS, BDS in government, or private medical institutes of India.

Every year NEET exam is conducted twice one in the month of May and second in the month of July. Being the aspirant of the NEET there are some benefits that need to consider.

Benefits Being a NEET Aspirant

  • The benefits of a common entrance test:

NEET restrict private medical institutes to hold their own entrance exams. NEET shortlist the medical aspirants according to their caliber also helps to restrict the entry of undeserved candidates to become doctors and enter into the medical service system.

  • Reduced pressure:

As NEET is common for many types of medical courses it reduced the pressure of the students to prepare for various entrance exams and covering the different syllabus. You can aspire to coaching from any NEET online coaching portal to get prepare for NEET exam.

NEET aspirant can focus on the single exam pattern and syllabus which allows aspirants to get admission for any of the medical courses. Appearing for the single exam makes students more confident and determined.

  • Students will get more time:

Many of the entrance exams from the medical field required to solve 200 questions in 3 hours of time duration.

Whereas in NEET exam they are required to solve only 180 questions in the same time duration. This allows aspirants to think more before answering each of the questions. Extra time makes student relax and allows to think and concentrate before answering. This translates to being a plus point for the aspirant.

More time to solve the questions means they will be less anxious about missing out questions and from the extra time, they will get the chance to revise the solved paper thoroughly. This improves the probability of scoring more in the NEET exam.

  • Equal opportunity:

NEET exam allows a reasonable opportunity for aspirants to secure a seat in any medical college in any state. By cracking NEET students can get a seat in any of the prestigious medical colleges in the nation.

NEET result helps to figure out the individual students stand against all the competition and race for the seat.

  • NEET doesn’t affect reservations:

Although ranking in the NEET exam based on the marks scored by the students, but it does not affect the reservation policy.

As every individual state government can stick to their own reservation policy for the admission of students.

  • Fair and transparent method:

Many state-level entrance exams conducted by private medical colleges have an example of multiple episodes of paper leaks and scams. NEET prevent the happening of these types of incidents in their exam conduction procedure.

  • No more seats blocking scams:

Seats blocking scams is one of the most common aspects of the medical education system. It generally happens in the states of having a greater number of medical colleges. Private medical colleges do back-office corruption and get hefty donations from the students to secure seats.

But being a NEET aspirant, you don’t need to worry about these scams. If you really possess the potential to become a doctor no one can stop you from getting admission to the desired medical institute, it will totally depend on your NEET score.

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