6 Things to do on Happy New Year 2020 | What to do on New Year 2020?

6 Things to do on Happy New Year 2020 | What to do on New Year 2020?

New Year’s Eve planning is very exiting but when you’re trying to coordinate with a big group of people, it’s is quite stressful. This New Year 2020, consider forget everyone and having a BFF celebration. No matter where you stay, there is a list of things you can do with your BFF on the occasion of New Year that will make your New Year memorable and so much easier to plan for. Whether you decide to stay at home and do lot of gossiping or go out in the city and see where the Happy New Year 2020 night takes you, you definitely have a good time when it’s just you and your partner in crime or BFF.

Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider for this New Year’s Eve:

1. Memory time-

Make memories together. Collect all your photos and stick them on a board or you can make a collage of them together and write message on each picture. This makes your new year memorable and an art of memorable moments created.

2. Hide your best things-

It’s like a game to play where we have to collect each other memorable or favorite things and put them in a box of Happy New Year. This box is kept somewhere or hides under the ground and makes a sign there. And after so many years when you find that things you will be very surprised by them and this creates a memory.

3. Movie with popcorn-

Watching movie alone is somewhere boring but when your bff or partner in crime with you, moment of watching movie is full of fun and excitement. So, on the Happy New Year 2020 eve, forget about everyone and everything and just go for your favorite movie together or watch it on your home with sizzling popcorn or you can order something delicious from outside. Fun is everywhere when your best-friend is with you.

4. Gossiping-

Gossips don’t have any end, when you are with your bff. A lot more to tell them and so much your bff tells you. New Year 2020, when everyone is celebrating it in their own way just do gossips with your bff. This is my personal favorite thing to do.

5. Attend DJ party-

So many dj parties are organized in your cities on 2020 Happy New Year. So ready as hot as you can and make everyone jealous by your friendship bond. Go out for a dj party and have so much fun. Dance like hell with your best friend and capture pictures of yours and make your new year fantastic!

6. Go for a city round-

A best-friend is someone with whom you feel safe and comfortable. Get your bike ready and go for a night out and keep moving in your city. Many functions and parties organized on the event like Happy New Year 2020. Take fun of them, see fireworks, beautiful lighting and then sit at a quite place and enjoy the cool breeze and then again go wherever you want to go. This could make your New Year eve so special and when you are with your favorite person so why you care about others.

This New year, don’t think so much about everyone, give some time to yourself and celebrate your new year with your bestie and make it memorable. Send the happy New Year wishes to your best friend and to all the loved once.

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