Business · January 28, 2020

6 crucial pointers to help choose the right corporate venue

Keynote speakers, agenda, meticulous schedule planning, guest of honour, invites -as important as these are for a business conference, the right venue for your corporate event or meeting could be the deciding factor for its success. Taking up over 35% of the budget, the venue is not just an accommodation space. As tempting as it can be to just splurge on a Premium convention Center in Hyderabad, it is smart to choose a venue which adds value to the whole occasion. After all, it is the stage upon whole show unfolds – those days of careful planning, organizing, tying up loose ends, smoothening creases – all culminate live – and there aren’t any retakes.

A few simple pointers kept in mind while choosing the right venue, not only gives a definitive shape to the event that reflects the corporate image, but is also economical and fits within the company budget.

Understand the package: Some venues have a flat rate and additional charges for every facility used much like building your own ice cream sundae with plain vanilla, while others offer corporate packages. Understand what is in store to avoid last minute budget rattles. Being open to the venue representative, clarity on requirements, inclusion and exclusions is a sensible thing to do. Most importantly check on the availability, consider the number of expected delegates, and the very crucial aspect of support staff and security.

Location: If the event is hosting delegates travelling from other places, choosing a venue well accessible from all corners of the city, airport and railway station is a good idea. Many Corporate Conference halls in Hyderabad have irresistible price packages and a great central location but falter when it comes to parking. Parking is a decisive factor for obvious reasons, and therefore a venue with on-site parking is preferable. Else, alternate arrangements like shuttle services, or hiring parking spaces might have to be made.

Services and amenities: Understanding that different convention halls offer different inclusions and quality of services is wise. Additional services like special catering by celebrity chefs, organic lunch/dinner menus, IT services including smart app based check-in, Wi-Fi, AV assistance, stage management, or even personalised services for delegates can be enquired about from the venue. Requesting recommendations for vendors who can assist in these special services would mean approaching a vendor who is well acquainted with the venue, and therefore you can be assured of a fairly smooth service.

Food & Beverage: Food, a factor that is the most remembered, often sets the mood and tone for the event. Deciding on what kind of food the event demands – whether it is a dinner or lunch? Should drinks be included? Should there be special requests for important delegates like vegan or gluten or diary free, and if yes, can the caterer meet them? Will the food be prepared in-house, or does it come pre-prepared from a centralized location? Should there be a buffet or a sit down meal? – All these little but important questions need clarity if the food department of the event needs thumbs up.

AV, IT and Tech: Projectors, pointers, Wi-Fi, acoustics, all need to go on that must have checklist. Technological vendors even provide special tech services like app based check-in instead of a registration desk, offer a VR-AR experience to the attendees, recording audience response time in case of an exhibitive event – if the event considers special technological usages like these, ensure sufficient time and a clear heads-up is provided to the venue to accommodate these demands.

Keep in Sync: THE single most important factor of value – choosing a venue that identifies with the company’s brand image. Remember that a conference hall or a convention center for corporate events is not a social gathering. Instead it is the first point that plays across the delegates’ mind when they receive the invite. Choosing an environmentally sustainable venue for hosting a corporate event is also a great idea – it puts across the hosting company as a socially responsible brand.

Organizing and hosting a corporate event is a mammoth task – especially because the setting is formal and stakes are high. Taking care of small and big things with meticulous planning will help finding the best fit venue. Lay out all options available, scrutinize each of them carefully and make an objective decision – success is guaranteed.