5 Ways To Add A Modern Touch To An Indian Traditional Wedding

5 Ways To Add A Modern Touch To An Indian Traditional Wedding

A wedding is a special occasion that marks an important milestone in a person’s life. It is a special occasion that celebrates the couple and their union for life. This celebration is filled with various traditional ceremonies and rituals. Every family loves upholding these ceremonies and rituals that may have been carried on by everyone in their family. These customs add more meaning to the marriage along with bringing the family together and closer.  

It is all fun and games until certain wedding customs can turn very sexist. Certain customs imply celebrating the groom’s dominion over his bride. In today’s modern world where women are neck to neck with men, certain rituals need to change with time. Altering these traditional rituals with a touch of modernity is a suitable solution that is realistic without meddling with the values and sentiments attached to it. 

Just like we have added an urban touch to our lifestyle over these years, the following pointers will inspire you to add the same to various rituals and traditional practices carried out in many Indian Weddings. 

  • Many cultures carry out the ‘Haldi Ceremony’, however, some cultures scrap out the Tumeric already applied on the groom along with the leftover and send it to the bride for her use during the same ceremony held by her side of the family. This isn’t just unjust but also unhygienic on so many levels that definitely need to change. 
  • Various cultures carry out the custom of having the bride or her parents wash the groom’s feet. The tradition seems degrading to everyone in the brides family. Having elderly members wash a young man’s feet can be considered disrespectful by many. This ritual can certainly be eradicated completely or have the groom reciprocate too.
  • The ‘Sangeet’ is a ceremony held to celebrate the bride and her new life as a wife. This ceremony does not include any men, however, in this modern women may have many male colleagues or friends that she may want to include in this celebration and her happiness. Hence, making this celebration a modern event by inviting all your loved ones regardless of their gender is a change that can be made.


  • In some cultures, the groom has the right to walk away from the ‘Mandap’ to reconsider marrying his bride. The bride’s parents are expected to convince the groom and help him stick with his decision. Even though this is a casual and fun part of the ceremony, it seems wrong and unfair because the bride should be given the same importance and can rethink her decision too.
  • Almost all cultures have their bride wear traditional bridal wear that is extremely heavy. The bride has to wear a heavy outfit, heels jewellery and makeup that she has to drag with her throughout the whole ceremony which makes the whole ceremony extremely tiresome. On the other hand, the groom is only expected to wear a traditional outfit and comfortable shoes and his wedding band. Brides must be given the same comfort by minimizing her look. For example., the bride can be given a lighter dress which is easy for her to carry with minimal and lightweight statement pieces of real jewellery that will create an eccentric look and isn’t heavy to carry around. Similarly, light or neutral makeup that flaunts only her best features can be highlighted while keeping the rest simple.
  • After the wedding ceremony is over, the bride is expected to touch the groom’s feet to gain his blessings and as a sign of respect. However, the same can be reciprocated by the groom himself as a mutual sign of respect and bond just like this famous bride did. Her Instagram post soon became the talk of the town. 

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