Shopping · April 22, 2019

5 Sure-Shot Ideas for Boys to Stay & Look Extra Cool in Hot Summer

Undeniably summer is the perfect time to upgrade closet to look and stay extra cool in hot weather days. This is why a lot of boys focus on shopping in the beginning phase of the summer season than any other activity. Fortunately, there is an extensive list of essential which you could add in your closet to ensure cool look.

However, if you are also willing to look extra cool and stay comfortable then you should explore this post. Here are sure-shot ideas that would enhance your personality comfortably in the summer season.

  • Choose Trending Clothing & Accessories

There’s nothing better than an outfit that’s comfortable and actually in trend. Therefore it is necessary for you to follow the latest trend to stay and look cool in summer season effortlessly. Whether you are going to attend a training seminar or friend’s event, ensure to wear what is in the current trend. For this one of the best idea is to subscribe to a popular fashion magazine to follow latest trends for boys.

For instance, you could wear logo embroidered caps to ensure a cool look as well as protect your head from the sun. Keep in mind to discard your old wardrobe essentials to refresh your look and closet as well.

  • Fill Up Your Shelves with Polo Shirts

According to the fashion world magazine survey-based report, it is proven that polo shirts are the best essential to look fabulous and stay comfortable in the summer time. This is because polo shirts have a quick dry feature which makes it easy for the wearer to avoid sweating especially in the sports field.

You too could add this super absorbent summer clothing essential in your existing wardrobe to carry out your sporty activities smoothly.

  • Avoid Multiple layering Dressing Style

If you’re fond to dress up in layer, then summer is the right time to change this habit. Make sure to wear clothes which look good without additional layers of clothing.  For this you don’t need to waste your money to add the new items in your closet, instead, you just need to avoid wearing additional layers. By doing this you would not only feel easy but also look more stylish.

One of the best ways is to avoid wearing jackets as it is suitable for winter seasons. Else in the multiple clothing stuffs you will not only feel hot but also look strange in the summertime.

  • Invest in Short Sleeve & Light Color T-shirts

During summer time, it’s crucial to dress up in light color and short sleeve t-shirt to look and stay cool. It is observed that a great proportion of boys are unaware of the impacts of dark shade t-shirts. Dark color t-shirts quickly absorb sunlight which is not a good option for summer.

On the other hand light shades, t-shirts reflect back sunlight and help the wearer to stay cool. Furthermore, ensure to wear short sleeve t-shirts that are not too tight or lose to avoid freaky look in the summer season.

  • Prefer Wearing Chino Pants

Be it a summer party, sports event or college farewell, a chino pant is a right essential to look sophisticated without feeling uncomfortable. If you haven’t owned chino pants yet then make sure to stock them up this summer.

By doing this you could easily attend sports, college or any casual event in the perfect piece of clothing. When you prefer wearing chino pants you could ultimately dress up in an exclusive style. So, this summer ensures to wear chino pants instead of wearing something weird for a classy and comfy look.