5 Sensational Online Dating Crimes in India

5 Sensational Online Dating Crimes in India

5 Sensational Online Dating Crimes in India

Crime rates and the use of social media have coincided to become one: online dating crimes. Who in their right mind would think that their dreamy, romantic date is going to turn into murder? Fraud, “sextortion”, blackmails, “chem sex” and rape are just some of the reported crimes, we can never truly find out what truly goes on behind doors and hides under a locked screen.

Increasing criminal cases in online dating can tell you that these sites are dangerous paths to tread on. Before mingling, you have to think about your safety, review genuine profiles, take a long time to trust the other person but is it ever enough? With the evolving times, Cyber Crimes have revolted and swamped our systems. If you really need of detective agency that can be sorted out these problems by well investigation agency in Delhi

In India, the Crowded cities like Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Hyderabad have been reportedly the faces to these puffed crimes. Here are some of the outrageous online dating crimes that happened in recent times

Swipe Right for a Murderous Date

Dushyant Sharma (27) was a mediocre middleman in the construction industry in Jaipur. To stir things up on his Tinder profile, he viciously claimed to be Vivan Kohli, a resident in New Delhi and a chairperson of a corporation with an annual income of Rs 25 crore. Consequently, he started “dating” a girl. Now deceased, Dushyant, did not see it coming that this girl was Priya Seth (27), a top dog of a criminal racket. On the night of May 2, 2018, the murderer Priya asked Sharma to come over to her posh flat in Bajaj Nagar Enclave, where her boyfriend Dikshant Kamra (20), an aspiring model and director, and friend Lakshya Wallia (21), were ready to ambush Sharma under the heavy influence of cocaine. When trapped and asked for money, Dushyant Sharma vulnerably confessed that he was no millionaire, but a middleman with a two-year-old child. Priya then checked his bank accounts to verify this truth, but she remained relentless. She made a ransom call to Dushyant’s father, demanding 10 lakh INR in exchange for his son’s safe release. The father pleaded that he could only deposit 3 lakh INR. But as soon as they received the payoff, they slaughtered Dushyant into pieces and stuffed it into a suitcase that Shew ta  bought off using Dushyant’s card. Since Dushyant was a local, they feared he would go ahead and rat them out to the police. So, they went and dumped his body on the NH48 Delhi-Jaipur Expressway. Priya was also previously nabbed under a false rape case in April 2016 but was bailed later.

IPL betting: Got played on his life

On April 26, 2019, Meenu Jain, the spouse of a retired Air Force wing commander was asphyxiated by Dinesh Dixit, who was a poser on dating apps. They were reportedly in contact with each other through WhatsApp calls for six months. This time when they met, he brought her alcohol with an ulterior motive. When she was tipsy, he choked her and then stole cash and jewelry worth 50 lakh INR. When she was found lying in her house in Dwarka Sector-7 in South Delhi, a 20-member police team was formed. They then tracked him down in a house in Jaipur through CCTV footage and Google Maps. DCP Anto Alphonse revealed after an interrogation that the alleged murderer was debt-ridden to bookies after gambling a whole lot of money on a certain IPL match.

Curiosity killed the Cat’s Money

A married banker (41) from Mumbai registered an FIR with the Dadar police station under sections 420 (cheating), 506 (criminal intimidation), 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the IT Act on June 2, 2018. He was created by unknown racketeers when he clicked on a pop-up advertisement claiming to offer dates with “beautiful girls” in exchange for money. He ended up spending 12.55 lakh INR only to lose it forever. He claimed,” At first, I was curious to know how the site works, so I clicked on the link. Then, I entered my personal information. After that, it just felt like I got trapped into an extortion racket. Now I have lost Rs 12.55 lakh and hoping cops will arrest these racketeers and get my money back.”

Money Cannot Buy You Love

A tech enthusiast named Srinath in Bengaluru fell prey to online fraud by a criminal couple based in the city of Kolkata. They were arrested by Cyber Crime Police after he had transferred periodically a total amount of 59.72 lakh INR. They met on the online dating site www.mingle2.—com where the accused, Rupali Majumdar, of 39, posed as a teacher. When they grew close, Rupali video-called the victim, wherein she played pretend. She falsely claimed that her ill father was admitted at a hospital where she was not able to keep up with the bills. Fooled in “love,” kind Srinath offered to help with the money. What started with 30,000 INR led to a bulky sum of money over the months. Rupali Majumdar and her husband, Kushan Majumdar (48), was a Bengali serial actor and scriptwriter, together they were plotting against a couple of site users, not just one. When Rupali refused to meet up and started to keep away from him, Srinath reached out to the cybercrime police. The police team checked the CCTV footage, her bank details and eventually, found her residence. With enough evidence, they were finally in prison for good. Later, Srinath told the police how she had claimed her name was Arpita, posing as a doctor from Kolkata. While her profile pictures were simply pictures of perfect-looking models she had downloaded from the Internet. The detectives investigated into Rupali, only to find that she had similarly duped several people before.

Crime Tales in Cyberabad

A five-member mob led by Debashish Mukherjee, followed by Faij-ul-Haq, Anitha Dey, Sandeep Mitra, and Neetha Shankar was finally kaput by the Cyberabad police on September 2016. They were suspected of fraud worth lakhs behind the façade of escort services on sites such as www.getyourlady.com. After a complaint by a user in July, it was found that he made an expenditure of 4 lakh INR but did not beget his part of the deal. The investigation began and they successfully tracked down the mob. It was discovered that in the name of the club license fee, registration fee, service charges, and background verification charges they had accumulated huge sums of money. Investing in which, they stood up a whole online dating empire consisting of 20 branches in both Siliguri and Kolkata.

Online dating is no less than placing a bet on your life in the prevailing times. As cybercrimes soar, we allow infiltrators to rob us off of our safety by pursuing online dating. However, if we remain prudent and stick to the truth, we might be able to fulfill what we require. It starts with one lie, but the truth loves chasing you around. If you hide, fear creeps in and meets you below. It remains in the best interests of people to keep their guard up.

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