Health and Fitness · November 16, 2019

5 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy


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When it is about welcoming spring, you have to prepare yourself accordingly! If you are highly susceptible to seasonal allergies then you will experience annoying symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes and itchy throat.

This springtime allergy causes due to the presence of abundance pollen from flowering plants. Though allergy medication is helpful but if you are looking for alternative options then the following 5 symptoms can be your great assistance

  1. Nasal Irrigation

The most effective way to clear the sinuses is to clear them completely. Nasal irrigation is considered as the effective and safest way for alleviating the sinus congestion. It is generally a solution of salt water for flushing out the nasal irritants and mucus from sinuses. Though it is very odd to look but can surely offer you with the relief from sinus you are desired for long.

  1. Spring Cleaning

Basically seasonal allergies are those which give response to pollens like tree, plant and grass. Dust mites (allergy to dust) also possess the symptoms similar to that of the seasonal allergies. Fortunately, you have the chance to clean the dust by having little spritz of soap-and-water.

You must also emphasis on cleaning of your room where you spend most time of the day. It is highly advisable to use a clean handkerchief or a mask to alleviate the chance of irritation during cleaning.

  1. Limit Your Exposure to Foreign Intruders

One of the greatest natural strategies to combat spring allergies is to limit the pollen exposure. For this you have to only find intensity of pollen counts along with its type. Some ways are given below to limit from pollen exposure:

  • Never perform activities like lawn mowing
  • Use the benefits of spring rain as it can cleanse air pollen effectively
  • Set outside only in the early evening or morning when typically pollen count is relatively lower

In case every solution gets failed, you must visit the nearby walk in clinic for private allergy testing. Accordingly, your doctor will provide you the required treatment to get relief from the seasonal allergy.

  1. Use Products Made Up of Local Bees

According to the homeopathic enthusiasts, consumption of bee pollen or local honey can alleviate allergies. Theoretically, as bees generate honey in the presence of small amount of pollen, it can act as the barrier against similar allergy shot.

But as per the leading allergist and immunologist, there isn’t any evidence that shows honey can resist the allergies, but it has no opposite effect and hence you may have a try.  

  1. Keep the Remedies Natural

Allergy medication such as nasal sprays and antihistamines are not only ones for controlling your allergies. Rather, these are general options available to battle with the allergens so that you can enjoy the spring without sniffling.

If the severity of the allergy gets intensified, then you must consult with the professional. You may use search interest like “walk in clinic near me” to find out the clinic for performing the allergy test.