5 Must Know Carpet Steam Cleaning Tips

5 Must Know Carpet Steam Cleaning Tips

If you are planning to clean a carpet, steam cleaning is one major way to consider. Some stains are pretty deep and you have no clue on how to get it off. Using the basic carpet cleaning methods won’t work and only promising carpet steam cleaning is the answer to consider. Steam cleaning is one great way to not just remove stains but it even helps in disinfecting the product at the same time. For that, you need some water and a steam cleaner.

Steam, at its 212 degrees F, can kill bedbugs, fleas, germs and mould spores. That’s why you better head for carpet steam cleaning Dandenong right now. However, there are 5 tips you need to consider while using a steam cleaner. Let’s get into the details straight away.

  1. Have to clean the room:

Before you start with your steam cleaning option, be sure to remove all the unwanted toys, furniture and items out of the way and away from the carpet. Most of the cleaner’s mops are operated by pulling or pushing them. So, having a lot of clutter right on top of the carpet or nearer to it can slow down the procedure completely. Be sure to wrap the legs of the heavy furniture with waterproof tape if you can’t move it.

  1. Rent for the cleaner if you need to:

Cleaning carpets is a procedure, which takes place twice in a year. So, trying to purchase a steam cleaner is nothing but a waste of money. Try renting it in its place and get to save some money. Now you must know for how long you have to rent a steam carpet cleaning Dandenong. For that, consider the number of rooms you will clean to determine whether you should take it for a day or more.

  1. Try vacuuming the carpet first:

Make sure to vacuum the carpet twice or more for removing dust particles, bread crumbs, hair and other loose dirt before applying the steam cleaner on it. A carpet based steam cleaner can dissolve the stains and help in restoring the look of the fabric. It is not quite capable of removing the solid dirt particles, which are otherwise lodged deep within the carpet fibres.

  1. What about the detergent:

For the steam cleaners, there is a specific form of cleaning detergent you need to use. Some detergents are stronger than the rest. Based on the stains and how old it is, the type of detergent to use will differ. So, to be on the safer side, it is always better to check out the stain type and its present condition first, before you determine the right detergent to go with the steam cleaner. It will not just help in cleaning the carpets but won’t degrade the fabric quality as well.

  1. Treat the spot stains before working on steam cleaning:

Carpet stains including food, red wine and lipstick will make the place looks dirty. Even some pet messes like dog pee and poop can leave some unwanted dirty marks. Be sure to clear out those stains first and then apply the steam power for deep cleaning. Blot one piece of cloth with carpet cleaner and use it to remove the stains.

Be sure to check out with experts who are using steam cleaners for expert advice. They know the right tricks for you to address right now.

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