5 Ferraris You Can Buy on a Budget

5 Ferraris You Can Buy on a Budget

As you probably already know, brand new Ferraris are not cheap. The relatively more affordable ones probably start at around $200,000 with some models easily running into the millions. If you would like to buy a Ferrari but do not quite have the budget for it, you will be delighted to learn that there are a few Ferraris that are available at less than the cost of some SUVs. While these will generally be much older models, they were once flagship models and still provide many of the essential features that Ferraris are renowned for. Here is the list of affordable Ferraris to consider buying:

Ferrari Mondial

The Ferrari Mondial was originally marketed between 1980 and the early 90s. This car is a mid-engine, V8, and while the V12 engine is the hallmark of the Ferrari brand, it is unlikely that you can feel the difference. If you can find one today, its estimated value would likely be between $30,000 and $35,000.

Ferrari 400/412I

In its heyday, the 400 was never formally introduced to the American market; however, it has found its way here in impressive numbers, thanks to private importers. The 400 was made in the early 70s, and if you are able to find one available for purchase it will likely have a high mileage. If you don’t mind this, then you will enjoy the pleasure of the spacious V12 grand tourer. If you can find one, expect it to go for $30,000-$50,000, depending on whether it has been well-maintained through the years, or potentially even restored.

Ferrari 348

Not only was the 348 quite popular when it was first launched in 1989, it was also the very last Ferrari commissioned before Enzo Ferrari died. In a sense, you could argue that it was the last of Enzo’s Ferraris—though the F40 was the last one he actually signed off—and thus remains an icon regardless of its less fashionable status today. The 348 is still relatively widely available, and will set you back by between $40,000 and $60,000. If you live in California, you might be able to find used Ferraris in San Diego or other cities, and most dealers will likely have the 348.

Ferrari 355 F1 Spider

Unveiled in 1994, the 355 is a more modern car than the preceding models, and this is reflected in its sleek design. Many will argue, even, that the 355 is one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever created. This model, however, is particularly maintenance intensive, requiring a complete engine removal every three to four years, a procedure that can easily set you back in excess of $10,000. While you may find this car available for about $50,000, it will cost you a whole lot more over its lifetime.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

This two-door grand tourer, first introduced in 1996, has since been upgraded into the 575M, launched in 2002. Being the most modern car on this list, it is not exactly cheap, but is still more affordable than a mainstream Ferrari. With its 485 horsepower, the 550 could reach 60mph in just 4.4 seconds, which was incredible for its day. If you’re looking for a relatively affordable Ferrari with the looks and feel of some of the more modern ones, the 550 is a good shout. You will find these available for about $70,000.

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