5 construction basics which make your dream house comes into true real house.

5 construction basics which make your dream house comes into true real house.

All the decisions you make before constructing your home has a greater impact on house lifetime. So, you need to make some best decisions that are suitable for creating a perfect dream house. Do you think that your dream of constructing your own house is possible? with the knowledge, you have in construction. If you have this doubt then this article is going to help you in every way that can make your dream come true. Here we are going to discuss the 5 basic construction tips that every House dreamer should know to excel in fulfilling it.

1) selecting the plot

The points need to be in your mind while selecting a plot, As the cost of land varies immensely from place to place. the below characters must be considered while buying a land slot.

(i)Area urban or rural

(ii)Developing Area or Not

(iii)Community and neighbouring.

(iv)Water Resource

(v)Orientation (square, rectangle, etc…)

2)Finding out the Cost

You need to find out the cost of constructing a house. This is the major, crucial and primary part. It is also the first step; you need to be so sure in how much you want to spend in constructing a house and how it is going to work. In India a normal C class construction cost per 1 square foot is estimated as 750-800 rupees which means for 1000 square feet it would be no lesser than 8 lakh rupees. It is just for a normal C class, when it comes to B or A category it would be probably more than 20-25 lakhs as estimated. This could vary from place to place and home construction companies to companies. It may include Labour costs.

Cost is divided into two categories.

(i)cost of labour and labour material

The cost of labour includes the number of labours and the things required for them almost it is a daily wage process. Per person, it is estimated like 150-200 bucks. All the most are similar in all the cities of India.

(ii) cost of construction materials.

The construction cost includes the cost of concrete, cement, bricks, etc. All over the world, these have a similar range of costs with very little variance.

3)Choose Contractors

Choosing a contractor is a very tough job. You need to consult different home construction companies discuss all the things with them and choose the perfect one. who could lower the cost and give you the best services? Your contractor needs to monitor the environment very well and you need to monitor him. choose a contractor who can reduce your construction cost 15-20 percent lower with quality product usage. communication with your contractor regularly will help you in achieving your dream house.

4)All about material usage

Asking the contractor and electrician about the materials required helps you a lot. Make a note of all requirements and estimate the cost of it.

 (i)What materials are required?

  • Raw materials.
  • Electrical.
  • Plumbing material., etc

(ii)Where to buy the material? Factors that are considered while you purchase materials for home construction 

  • Cheaper
  • Quality
  • Quantity

(iii)Control the usage of materials

  • Use the material in the right way, Don’t waste the material. Excess usage also causes damage and also moderate usage also causes disasters. So use the materials carefully.
  • Make sure the workers are not taking the materials and selling them inside.

5) perfect Paperwork.

All the documents should be preserved in a secured manner. Here are some documents that you need

  • Document Copy of the plan
  • Entitlement proof
  • Specifications of your construction
  • Supervision and completion documents, etc
  • All the govt. approved documents
  • If needed insurance
  • If you have taken a loan, loan papers

These are some documents.

Conclusion: I hope this article spoke enough information about the basics of home construction. Follow the tips I have discussed your dream will definitely come true by this.

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