Digital marketing · March 22, 2022

5 Common Misconceptions About White Label Services

White Label Services have gained quite a momentum post-COVID and have become the fastening future of IT services. It is continuously empowering small-scale agencies while elevating their businesses. White Label Services can simply be defined as an agency hiring another agency/business to render solutions to their clients due to the lack of the right resources, expertise, or time. One simple rule is white label agencies strictly follow NDAs and all the solutions are branded under the agency’s name that hired them.

This white label team can work as an expansion of your in-house team enabling you to focus more on your core business competencies. It is popular due to the lots of benefits that come along with white label services. But it also comes with various myths and misconceptions that we are gonna bust with truth/fact in this blog. Some are genuine while others are totally funny. Let’s not waste a single minute and jump directly into these 5 popular misconceptions about white label services.

Busting these 5 Misconceptions About White Label Services 

  • White Label Services Are Expensive

This is one of the most common misconceptions about white label services. But it’s not the truth. In fact, it saves you a lot of money as well as time. Let’s understand it with a simple example. Say, you need to develop a web app from scratch for a client which will cost you financial and human resources. Hence, if you go in-house, you need to invest your time recruiting the right resources, train them, manage them, and also pay their salaries. This is a lot of money as compared to white label services.

On the other hand, you may manage to create a solution for the client. But what if they ask more. For instance, Digital Marketing Service. The entire process needs to be repeated which is tiresome and might end with you losing focus on your core business competencies, clients, and most importantly profits. White Label Agencies can help you deliver your clients the best solutions in an affordable manner.

  • White Label = Freelancing

Not at all. This is again a mistaken concept that white label is the same as hiring freelancing services. This is very important to know that when you go for White Label Service Provider, you hire an agency that is bound to take ownership of the work, stays complaints with strict NDAs, and manages to deliver exact requirements and modifications whenever needed. On the other hand, freelancers may not always follow this discipline.

Freelancing can be a good option but finding a reliable one is a tough task. There are chances that the freelancer may not believe in regular follow-ups or communication or may totally forget about your deadlines or come up with any excuses. These circumstances are as real as they can get. This directly or indirectly leads you to stress or anxiety of corrupt reputation and sometimes, even losing the clients.

Stay away from this stress and do smart work. Simply hire White Label Agency for all your cluster some and tedious tasks. It’s better to work with a reliable partner in the long run.

  • You Lose Focus On Your Business

A lot of times when agencies searching for white label services are in confusion about hiring a white label service provider due to the sole reason of losing focus from the business. But the truth is, don’t lose focus on your business. White Label Agencies have their own process-oriented, self-disciplined, and expert teams to work for your project. Hence, it gives you the opportunity to focus more on your business.

The very first reason you go for white label services is you do not want to invest your time, money, and energy into something that doesn’t come under your competencies. When you want to grow your business, it is very necessary to give attention to it as well. Thus, you need to be quick and time-complaint in delivering top-notch services to your clients to be more fruitful. This is possible when you simply choose white label services.

  • You May Lose Clients

Let’s talk about a general obvious thing. Your white-label services provider would be more scared and cautious of losing your clients than you. It might sound a little surprising to you like – how’s that even possible. But the main reason lies in the very fact that white label agencies are looking for long-term contracts with your company. Hence, they see you as their potential and retaining customer. 

When you take a lot of time and patience in delivering the requirements of your client, there are chances you may lose them. They may look for other solution providers. But if you go for white label services, you simply have an expanded team that would manage your client’s projects while enabling you to sit back, relax, and sip coffee deciding on your next move.

Your clients today need a strong online presence and for that, you need robust SEO services to cater to all their requirements. Simply hire a white label agency that can render top-class SEO services quickly without losing your valuable clients.

  • Credibility Is At Sake

This again is an upside-down misconception about white label services. The greatest advantage of white label services is that you can elevate your brand value and earn valuable credibility like never before. Such agencies offer fully-integrated and end-to-end solutions all under your brand name.

On the other hand, white label agencies follow strict NDAs and render solutions rapidly. Hence, you have enough time to know your solution and plan the best branding ad copies. It enables you to get sufficient time for conducting competitor analysis, keyword research, building buyer personas, and selecting the right social media channel for them. Hence, you will be able to do both – render an outstanding solution to your clients while escalating your reputation with your commitments.

Summing Up

White Label services are not a new concept. More and more agencies all across the globe are greatly dependent upon these white label agencies and services to keep their business running. This is because if you decide on building your own team of experts, your might end up with huge expenses and wastage of time in hiring, training, paying for those resources.

In fact, white label services give you the opportunity to wisely use your time while keeping up with your commitments in the best way. If you want solutions that can save your day, time, energy, and of course money, white label services are the perfect choice. It comes with tons of benefits with cost-effectiveness and elevated credibility being the most important ones.