5 best ways to pack toys and dolls during the move

5 best ways to pack toys and dolls during the move

Packing toys can be a difficult process since children are attached to them and rightfully though. As the toys mean a world to them, showing sensitivity towards them and making them a part of the packing process can help reduce the stress. Since toys and dolls come in different shapes and sizes, it can make it difficult for us to pack and hiring expert Packers and Movers for the job can help us pack them securely so that they are ready for play as they arrive safe and sound at your new home. Children are emotionally attached to their toys and it is during transitional times that they need their beloved toys the most. Moving is just the right situation to give them a stressful transition when insecurity creeps in due to the fear of unknown which results in great amount of anxiety. It is during such times that you need to reassure your children with your unconditional love and support and give them a commitment that they would not lose any of their beloved things during this relocation since you have hired the best Movers and Packers in Hyderabad to do this job.

Sort toys

Go through all the toys and dolls and sort them out before packing them in the moving boxes. Involve your children too in this process.

  • Do not consider broken toys and toys with missing parts and pieces. Throw them away. Help your children understand their non-utility and promise to replace them with new ones.
  • You may consider donating rarely used or outgrown toys, toys that are still good to play with but your child is not bothered by now.
  • Single out their favorite toys and set them aside to pack them cautiously in the right sized boxes. Involve your kids in the packing process to help them find comfort in their most valuable things being safely packed by Packers and Movers Bangalore for relocation.

Best way to pack toys for moving

  • Packing dolls, figures and models: These are ideally packed individually with paper rolls and bubble wraps to obtain maximum protection. These are then stuffed inside the right sized carton box for safe transit.
  • Packing soft toys: Stuffed toys and other soft dolls and toys are not complicated in nature and can be easily packed with paper and film rolls. Since they are not breakable, they will most certainly survive any transit jostles on the truck.
  • Packing largetoys: Jigsaw puzzles, carom board, construction and other play sets like cricket field should be best packed in their original boxes as they come with enough reinforcement. You need to carefully pack the disassembled sets since you run the risk to ruin them should you lose even a single piece in the set.
  • Packing fragile toys: Sensitive and delicate toys like radio controlled models and battery operated toys are vulnerable to damage and breakage during transit. As such, they need to be carefully packed with bubble wraps and reinforcement inside the box to prevent them from any damage during jostling in the moving truck supplied by professional Movers and Packers Mumbai.
  • Packing expensive toys: Expensive toys like high-tech gadgets and gaming consoles must be packed individually with paper and film rolls amply supported by bubble wraps. These are then packed in individual carton boxes of appropriate size with enough reinforcement to help prevent any kind of movement while in transit.

While the entire process of relocation can be quite stressful, packing toys too is an important part of a relocation process given its emotional value attached to the children. Make sure you hire expert Packers and Movers to do the job professionally so that your goods arrive safely at your new home.

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