Medical · October 8, 2021

5 Benefits of Choosing a Step-in Harness for Smaller Pooches

Walking your dog a few times a week can do wonders for their health. It can improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen the muscles and bones.

Dogs go crazy when you take them for walks, and you may need to use a harness like the Voyager step in harness to control them. Here are five benefits of choosing a step-in harness for smaller pups.

Improved Safety

If you are using a dog collar, you need to be careful about a few things. You need to ensure it is not too tight or loose. If the collar is tight, your dog will not be able to enjoy the walk. If the collar is loose, your dog may find a way to slip through it.

On the other hand, a harness like the Voyager step-in harness offers greater safety as it covers a larger portion of your dog’s body. The harness goes over the front limbs, shoulder, and chest, meaning your dog cannot easily slip out of it.

Gives the Owner More Control

When you take your puppy for daily walks outside, several exciting stimuli and scents make the dog restless. A step-in harness gives you better control over the dog when it tries to run after a dog, cat, or bird on the street.

If a dog has a collar around the neck, the pressure on the neck increases when it tries to pull or move forward forcibly. The dog collar can cause injuries in small and delicate dog breeds.

The step-in harness distributes the pressure on the dog’s back and entire body, so there is no risk of neck injuries due to frequent pulling.

Stops Your Dog From Pulling on the Leash

Many dogs have a habit of fighting the leash on their collar. It makes walking difficult for the owner. When the dog moves forward, the owner also gets pulled along in the tussle. All this encourages your puppy to continue the pulling effort. If you use a step-in harness, you can discourage such behavior in your dog.

Prevent Ocular Proptosis

Ocular Proptosis refers to a medical condition where the dog’s eyeballs protrude from their eyeball sockets. According to medical experts, this condition might develop due to the use of a collar. When you use a collar, tugging creates pressure near the neck area. This can lead to the development of Ocular Proptosis.

When you use a step-in harness, such things won’t happen, as the harness ensures that the pressure from tugging and pulling is distributed evenly throughout the body, thus protecting the neck.

Prevent Neck and Trachea Injuries

A leash attached to the neck collar puts immense strain on the dog’s neck when it tries to move forward by pulling. The obvious consequence of such actions is injury. Some injuries might be difficult to detect as dogs don’t experience pain immediately.

The discomfort caused due to strained neck rises gradually, causing significant pain to the dog. Small dogs have fragile necks, and pulling with force can lead to severe neck injuries.Using a step-in harness can eliminate the risk of neck and trachea injuries and allow the pup and the owner to enjoy the walks.