4 Wonderful Advantages of Hiring an English Tutor Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Wonderful Advantages of Hiring an English Tutor Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learning and mastering the English language is crucial for students as it helps them understand other subjects better. It also builds better competency in young learners as they progress to higher education. Employing an English tutor during the pandemic is an ideal and practical choice for parents and their kids.

It is understandable for parents who are new to hiring online tutors to be sceptical about the effectiveness and efficiency of allowing their kids to take classes in a digital setup.

Enumerated below are the four biggest advantages that parents and students can gain from availing the assistance of a virtual English teacher:

  1. Bespoke learning materials

Unlike in regular schooling, teaching English online gives more leeway for each learner’s unique academic needs. In other words, teaching modules and activities are modified or adjusted according to the progress and rate at which they absorb new information and assimilate it with previous knowledge. If a child is experiencing difficulty understanding prepositions or improving the sentence structures in their paragraphs, it will be easier to make the necessary revisions on the lesson plan and find more effective teaching approaches that will help students catch up.

  1. Social distancing and flexible schedules

The virtual barrier put up by online tutorials assures parents that their children are not at risk of contracting the virus as they listen to and watch their teacher’s lectures. At the same time, parents will not have to worry about waking up early to get their kids’ breakfast, lunch, school uniform, and learning materials ready. Online tutorials are more flexible in terms of schedule. Parents can arrange a more convenient time for their children’s study time with their tutors. 

  1. Easier supervision

At times, several distractions hinder a student from concentrating on their lessons. With digital learning, it is highly likely that the tutor’s attention is focused on them alone. In other instances, there may be other students joining the class, but the number of participants is limited to only three to five learners. The smaller the size of the class, the easier it will be for English tutors to track their students’ progress. Parents can monitor their children as they study and complete the activities given by their teacher. As a result, moms and dads gain a better idea of the topics that their children struggle the most.

  1. Promotes better use of time for learners

Regardless of their age, kids’ excessive exposure to online games, watching cartoons, and mobile devices affect their cognitive development. It shortens their attention span and diminishes their ability to focus on one activity at a time. Online tutorials keep their minds preoccupied with activities that help expand their knowledge and develop their skills. It also enhances their consciousness of time—meaning kids become more aware of how much or how little time they spend on a specific activity. As a consequence, they begin to learn the importance of budgeting their time and using it wisely.

Digital learning is a new standard in education today. There is no certainty when this entire crisis will be over. Thus, it is crucial to be resourceful and flexible.

Hiring an online English tutor is safe for children. Online classes are as enjoyable as regular classes. With adequate preparation, it can be even more fun and interactive for students of all ages.

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