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4 Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction In IT – Ilan Shatz

It’s always a task for the corporate houses to maintain customer satisfaction. It positively impacts the business houses and brings opportunities for more growth. In the modern world, it has become a necessity to improve the relationship between a customer and a service provider. It is believed that today’s customers are building blocks of the company’s future. 1

Ilan Shatz shares that the companies are investing thousands of dollars to improve customer satisfaction. Mainly in the Information Technology field, it has become a necessity to fulfill and listen to user demands. Otherwise, the customer would adversely impact the company’s image and deteriorates by spilling negative comments via several online communities. 

In our study, we have found the best 4 ways to improve customer satisfaction in the IT field.

Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction


It is an important aspect of measuring the success of your completed work. It helps the company to know the customer’s reaction to the completed work. Inversely, it also helps the company to mitigate its own loopholes by filtering any flaw in their completed work. Feedback improves the bond between the customer and the company. 

It is an important part of the different software life cycles to evolve on the basis of feedback. It opens doors for new features and helps evolving the whole product to new limits.

A company can work on the digital platform to gather feedback beyond the realm of pen and paper. The website, social media handles, support form can allow the customer to freely communicate with the company’s support.

Proper Modeling Before actual Product

It is always necessary to apply the principles on the model of the actual product. It is a replica of an actual product at a smaller size. It saves time and helps to make aware of actual pitfalls in the structure. It even helps the customer to better evaluate the product before building actual product. Modeling is part of the process of successfully build an efficient product by invoking the thought process at both customers and at the company level.


It is always best to bring the customer in the comfort zone by asking caring questions. Personalization helps the customer to make them feel at home. The developer can ask about his health and can wish him on his birthday for some personal touch to the conversation. 

Adhere to the timeline

It is always necessary for the company to adhere to the timeline. It shows the punctuality of a company and also promotes a positive environment in the company. It is key to a productive environment and strengthens customer satisfaction. Always cure the customer’s queries in a timely manner, so that they feel pampered with proper support.

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Improving customer satisfaction is not a single day job. It takes months to years to make a positive impact on the customer’s mind and further strengthen the customer and company.