Business · October 1, 2022

4 Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bags You’re Going to Want to See

When you’re shopping for a Sun Mountain golf cart bag, you’re going to be looking at products from one of the most well-respected producers in the industry.

But you’re going to have to shift your focus a little if you’re a golfer that usually walks the course.

Once you make the switch to playing from a cart, things will change a little. Suddenly, it won’t matter how light, small, or easy to carry the bag is – since it’ll be loaded up in the back of the cart.

All of a sudden, capacity, ease-of-access, and organization take a spot of precedence over lightweight design, carry straps, and minimalism.

So let’s take a look at some of the best Sun Mountain golf cart bags in the industry and why they occupy the top spots.

Sun Mountain Sync
The Sun Mountain Sync features a 10.5” top with 15 full-length shaft dividers to protect all your clubs’ shafts.

Capacity is also the name of the game here. There are 9 different accessory pockets and several specialized pockets including a cooler pocket, a lined valuables pocket, and a rangefinder pocket. Of course, all pockets are forward-facing, making it easy to access them when the bag is loaded up.

It also features two utility handles making it easy to load the bag in and out of a cart, as well as a cart-strap pass through which will secure it without preventing access to any of the pockets.

Sun Mountain C-130
The C-130 is another excellent Sun Mountain golf cart bag. It also has a 10.5” top, but this one has a 14 way divider and 13 separate pockets, including a rangefinder pocket. Naturally, all pockets are forward-facing for easy access.

This bag also features cart bumpers, three lift handles, a smart-strap system, all for enhanced ease of use – and it only weighs 7 pounds, too – not bad.

Sun Mountain Maverick
The perfect name for this Sun Mountain golf cart bag, the Maverick is another top contender, especially for those that need a smaller, slightly lighter, more compact package.

This one has a 10” top with a 14-way divider which is full length to prevent shaft migration and damage. It also boasts 11 pockets and an integrated putter compartment. All pockets are forward-facing for easy access.

This one is also easy to load and carry, with two lift handles in addition to a padded shoulder strap – making this nearly a sort of a hybrid bag – perfect for those who need a solution that’s conformable to their preferences on the course.

Sun Mountain Diva – Our Top Pick for Lady Golfers
Now for the lady golfers out there – don’t miss a chance to check out the Sun Mountain Diva golf cart bag.

The staples of this Sun Mountain golf cart bag are a 10” top with a full-length 14-way divider. It also has 8 pockets, including cooler tube, a dedicated putter compartment, as well as a Smart Strap system and two integrated lift handles. It’s light, and practical, and all pockets are forward-facing for easy access.

Where Can You Get Any of These Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bags?
Ready to refresh your current repertoire with a brand new Sun Mountain golf cart bag? You can’t possibly go wrong with one of the options highlighted here!

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