Technology · September 27, 2021

4 Industrial Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips Everyone Must Never Ignore

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Australia has a highly lucrative fashion and textile industry. According to a report from Fibre2Fashion, the industry contributed over $27.2 billion to the country’s overall economy from 2020 up to early 2021. It also provided jobs to over 480,000 Australians, higher than other prominent industries like mining, arts, and recreation. These numbers also contributed to the acquisition of industrial sewing machines in Australia used to create garments and other fashion pieces. 

Industrial sewing machines are an integral part of the operations of all garments factories in the country. Without it, factories will have a hard time keeping up with the demand for their products. Here are several crucial maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind to ensure that all the sewing machines in your factory will always be tip-top shape. 

Maintenance Tip #1: Keep the Bobbin Area Clean

One of the most reliable tricks to keep the industrial sewing machine in its best condition is to prevent lint and gear grime buildup. It is possible by keeping the bobbin area tidy. 

You can clean this part of the industrial sewing machine by lifting it and setting it on rest mode. Then you must inspect the bobbin to see if there are any lint or thread deposits. You must also wipe out the entire bobbin tray and get rid of all the debris that accumulates over time. This process may require a lint brush to thoroughly clean the bobbin and the area around it. However, you need to ensure that you will not remove the grease since it is necessary to operate the machine properly.  

Maintenance Tip #2: Oil the Machine Regularly

The manufacturers of industrial sewing machines in Australia often recommend oiling the machine every day, especially if you use it to produce a big bulk of garment products. 

But before oiling the machine, you must always check the oil you will use to avoid encountering more problems. You must ensure that the oil does not contain any sludge and sediments or have any colour changes. You must also observe if any strange smells are coming out from the oil so you can determine if it is still ideal to use on your machine. 

Maintenance Tip #3: Clean the Throat Plate

Since every spot of the industrial machine needs intensive cleaning, you must also remove the machine’s throat plate to eliminate the lint trapped in the middle of the feed dogs. 

This part of the machine may be a little tight if you do the cleaning for the first time. But once you manage to take out the screws, you can start removing the plate so you can dust the area properly. However, you must also ensure that no lint or other debris will drop on the oil pan to prevent it from affecting the machine’s functions. 

Maintenance Tip #4: Put On a Dust Cover

Ensure that dust and other grime will not accumulate in your machine by covering it with a dust cover when not in use. The dust cover will also prevent pests and rodents from infesting your machine and gnawing on its vital parts. 

Taking proper care of your industrial sewing machine will ensure that you can use the device to create your products for a long time. It would also help to have the machine checked by a professional service provider at least once a year to ensure that it will remain in its best condition.