Business · September 6, 2022

4 Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods and Drinks

Most people dread transitioning to a healthier diet for a variety of reasons. Despite the obvious benefits, there’s no denying that it constitutes a huge lifestyle change. Some may not even know where to start, much less how to be consistent.

Then there’s the deprivation. Understandably, knowing that you’ll have to steer clear of your favorite food and drinks can be difficult, not to mention downright depressing.

Worry not, though. Nowadays, there are a plethora of healthy, natural options on the market that offer the same comfort and satisfaction as the foods you thought you couldn’t live without.

Some people genuinely can’t function without having a cup (or more than a few cups) of coffee every day. It’s more than the caffeine–it’s an important part of the morning ritual.

Herbal coffee is an excellent option for those who need their fix but don’t want to suffer the consequences. Raw Revelations’ Coffee Fix, for instance, is a great substitute. It’s made with full spectrum herbs like ashwagandha and holy basil that can help you feel invigorated, even without caffeine.

Raw Revelations also has a top-tier hot chocolate product, Heavenly Hot Chocolate. Sweet and luxuriously creamy, it’s perfect for soothing that sweet tooth.

Going dairy-free can be one of the most devastating things to happen to someone who loves milk and milk products. If you’re obsessed with shakes and smoothies but have been advised to steer clear of dairy, don’t worry! You still have options.

There are plenty of plant-based milk variations out there that can all substitute conventional dairy milk. Coconut, oat, and almond milk are especially popular among health-conscious consumers, as they closely approximate the texture and flavor of animal-based milk. Just like cow’s milk, you can add these plant-based milk products to your herbal coffee to make it creamier. If you want a more traditional taste, goat milk is very well tolerated by people who have dairy issues or are concerned about the negative health effects of cow milk.

You can also look into smoothie or shake mixes, like Raw Revelations’ Vanilla Shake Mix. These are made with coconut milk powder and a unique blend of plant-based proteins, which help to soothe the gastrointestinal tract and provide a satiating feeling.

Few dishes evoke pure comfort quite like macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti and meatballs. For a lot of people, they bring back happy childhood memories and feel like a warm hug in a bowl. Unfortunately, they’re also loaded with carbohydrates and gluten which aren’t the best thing for people looking to control their diet.

The good news is that you can instantly make your favorite pasta dishes healthier simply by switching to pasta made with healthier grains such as rice, quinoa, millet, and einkorn ancient wheat. Compared to regular pasta, which is loaded with gluten, these other options are much easier to digest and contain more fiber and nutrients.

You can also get creative and make pasta out of vegetables and legumes. Zucchini, carrots, and squash can easily be turned into noodles with a spiralizer or vegetable peeler. After preparing, just toss into your favorite sauce as normal.

Potato Chips
Despite their relatively small size, potato chips can deal serious damage to your health. They’re high in sodium, fat, and are packed with empty calories.

If you’re the type of person who just can’t stop snacking though, you’re in luck. Simply swapping out your favorite bag of chips for something made with better ingredients can be a profound improvement.

You can find chips made out of almost every vegetable you can think of in your local supermarket. Popular offerings among the health-conscious include ones made with kale, mushrooms, and okra. Mixed nuts and popcorn are also great choices for getting rid of the munchies.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to feel like a chore, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re sacrificing a lot. Making the switch to better ingredients and products that have been through less processing can go a long way towards becoming a healthier you. For more information on natural products that can support you on your journey to wellness, check out Raw Revelations.

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